Mood Indigo and the Week In Review


Well, after weeks in which I took trips to the ER and suffered a hacking, this week was blessedly quiet. I discovered a new obsession- fabric dyeing. However, if you know me, you’ll know that I didn’t/couldn’t escape unscathed:

Blue dye sloshed onto feet (with slippers) = blue tootsies. And now blue slippers, too!  Luckily I only looked like Smurfette for a day or two.

So let’s get to the WEEK IN REVIEW…. shall we?

Crafting Kids are Happy Kids!

I’m happy to share that next week is KIDS CRAFTS WEEK at CTD… the whole week is devoted to cool kid’s crafting kits and products. Make sure you bookmark some of the reviews- we’ll have great ideas for all of the gift-giving occasions for the children in your world.

Lastly… if you need to whip up some St.Patrick’s Day shirts for the kids to wear to the parade, I have two tutorials for you: Girl’s Doily Shamrock tee and a “Lucky Boy” Tee. Both use spray-type fabric dies, so it’s relatively tidy and fast to do. Enjoy!

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