Mokume Gane Workshop with Julie Picarello


Honey, I’m home! And I’ve brought back new pieces and techniques from my workshop with Julie Picarello at her lovely home studio in El Dorado, California.

I’ll get more into details soon, but I just HAD to get some photos up ASAP of the work I produced, and my co-conspirators in class…. feast your eyes, details to follow!

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  1. Valerie Foster says

    What beautiful results you got. And the workshop was probably a lot of fun, right? I love the look of Mokume Gane. I tried it a few times when I was making polymer clay pens, several years ago. But mine didn’t come out as great as these. These are simply beautiful. Great work!

  2. Irma says

    i woul like to know if someone has a tutorials about JULIE PICARELLO TECHNIQUE ,please can you share with me this wonderfull technique.
    have a nice day.

  3. says

    Irma, I paid $200 to learn this technique AND this is how Julie supports her family. I encourage you to take a class from her yourself and support her amazing artistry….

  4. Anja Shaw says

    Julie’s first book will be out June 2011. You can pre-order from Amazon now……

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