Mod Podge BooBoo Box, Part Two!


OK, so I decided to share my “original” Boo Boo Box- the one I made about 5 years ago when my little guy was still little! This one isn’t as fancy as the one I shared yesterday, but it gave me the idea.

The “Original” was made from mostly recycled materials- a  cardboard box that I salvaged was decoupaged with left-over Christmas tissue paper. I then sponge-painted some gold paint & drew over it with a silver Sharpie to make the hearts.

The “Original” Boo-Boo Box

The decorations on top were some rusty metal heart shapes, wire, and leftover beads from another project. The corrugated black cardboard & torn paper label give it a more “folk-primitive feel.”

Box fully stocked!

And then there’s a secret message inside…

…because she does.

Hope this inspires you to make your own Boo-Boo Box to keep handy- or maybe make one to keep at Grandma’s house? It would make such a cute and thoughtful little gift!

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    Very sweet! I think my two crafty kids would enjoy making their own….I just bought a big pack of multi-colored tissue paper…..hmmmmmm


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