Craft Product Review: Mod Podge Antique Matte


The original Mod Podge formula may very well be the king of crafting adhesives.  I personally reach for it first when I need an adhesive.  The folks at Plaid have been coming out with new and exciting formulas.  Let’s put the new Antique Matte version to the test.

The Plaid website simply states “Give your projects an heirloom look with this special Mod Podge formula.”

The first thing I noticed when opening the bottle was that the color of the product is vastly different than the original Mod Podge formula.  Here is a picture of the two side by side for comparison.

Otherwise, the antique formula seemed to be similar to the original formula in consistency, odor, and other properties.  The back of the bottle stated that the product may require several coats to obtain an antique appearance.  So I conducted a little experiment to see just how the formula would react to different papers and numbers of coats.  From left to right:  plain paper, coated with original Mod Podge, 1 coat of antique Mod Podge, 2 coats, 3 coats, and 4 coats.

As you can see the antique formula does indeed give an heirloom appearance to most papers.  As I expected, the darker the paper the less of an effect was produced by the product.  If it is difficult for you to see the original paper versus the coated, I also shot the two directly side by side for a comparison.

Being a girl who loves vintage and antiques, I love the effects of this product.  I made a few projects to show off this new Mod Podge formula.  The first is my Witch’s Spell printable poem.  I will have full instructions for this one today on The Country Chic Cottage.  This started as plain paper and has two very thick coats of Mod Podge Antique applied with a sponge pouncer.

My next project is some labeled jars to scare the kids this Halloween.  I love decorating for Halloween and the Mod Podge Antique gave the perfect patina to these labels for my display.  The instructions for this project will also be on The Country Chic Cottage today.   These were printed on plain paper but the graphics were slightly colored.  They have two coats each of Mod Podge Antique applied.

I also applied the Mod Podge Antiqe to the inside of this jar before filling.  It gives the glass a really opaque appearance that is a great effect.  I am sure it would also get darker if you did multiple coats.

After these two projects, I switched to a fall themed project.  I covered a plastic pear in sheet music pieces then applied two coats of Mod Podge Antique to the top.  The antique appearance after it dried made it perfect for fall decorating.

In conclusion, the Mod Podge Antique formula performed just as well as the original Mod Podge in all of my crafts.  It also gave the heirloom appearance to my projects as promised by the manufacturer.  It is a great product that I am excited to keep using in my crafts.  Please note that as stated by the manufacturer, more than one coat will be required to get a true antique finish on  your projects.

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  1. says

    I have made my own tinted ModPodge for a while now. I just pour out what I want and add brown craft paint to it…probably cheaper and you can get it much darker so you don’t have to apply so many coats…It is easier to have one already tinted though so I can appreciate that they tried with this product!

  2. says

    I will be looking for Antique ModPodge to apply to some of my Christmas ornaments. Is it in the stores yet?

    Thanks for the review and the examples!

  3. says

    Debra- since I’m not affiliated with the company, I don’t know where you can find Antique Mod Podge in your local area. Maybe call your LCS and ask for it? Maybe if they knew you were interested they would stock it. There’s always online shopping, too. Good Luck!

  4. A. Meyer says

    I’m with Pam above. I also add craft paint to the original Mod Podge –and to other Mod Podge finishes, Gloss and Satin. You have more control and use a lot less than appears here. You can also add Distress Ink (using reinkers) to Mod Podge for antique effects.

  5. says

    Love this review – I am now buying it in for our customers to enjoy – just love the Mod Podge – it is such a great product. Like the idea of using reinkers in the glue – I am now going to try this on the weekend!

  6. Anne says

    You’re a life-saver! I couldn’t find any pictures of the antique matte Mod Podge on white paper anywhere, so I really appreciate your comparison pictures, thank you! =)


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