Mixed Media Tag Books


I like a challenge. And every now and then, I mark off some time in my schedule to participate in some swaps that get my creative juices flowing. I’ve taken to making tags, and when video went up on Joggles.com about making tag BOOKS, well….. I was in.

I used a bunch of my mixed-media tags for the pages, and made fabric covers and bindings.

But it’s just easier to show you….so I recorded these two videos of my completed books.

Sorry for the redundant information in them….but when you make videos for YouTube, you have to figure that folks might see one and not the other.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the books…and are inspired to make your own!

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  1. Bev says

    I love the gesso stamping…do you just apply the gesso and then stamp into it while it is still wet? It looks so cool.

    I love both of the books…the first reminds me of a quilt as it has a lot of cool quilting patterns in it.

    Am feeling inspired to try this! As always, thank you for sharing.

  2. Robin says

    Tag Books are absolutely wonderful…. can’t wait to try this… thanks so much for the inspiration

  3. Barbara Roberts says

    I loved the tag books and would like more detail on the bindings. You said to write and you can put more on your blog. What is your blog??

  4. says

    Barbara…. You are here! CraftTestDummies.com IS my blog. What can I tell you about the binding that I didn’t cover in the videos?

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