Memorial Day- Honoring Our Vets, Remembering Our Fallen


It’s Memorial Day, and I’m always conflicted. Yes, it’s a day for picnics and BBQ, but saying “Happy Memorial Day” seems the wrong message….but how to you express such a complex set of emotions? It’s a day to honor our service men and women, thank our veterans, and remember our fallen soldiers.

My grandfather, Max C. Barnett. He died last year at age 91.

My grandfathers both served- one in the Navy, another was a SeaBee. My dad served in Vietnam in the Navy, and my father in law was a Navy man as well. It’s important to take a moment to thank them for their service.

World War II Memorial, Washington DC

While we were in the Capitol a few years ago, our family got to pay our respects at the new World War II Memorial. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII and got to come home. The memorial is beautiful and massive.

Reflecting Wall a the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC

We also viewed the Korean War Memorial- it was stunning. I loved the etched reflecting wall that served as a mirror to the life-sized statues of the service men, representing all of the support services that the combat troops receive.

Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC- “The Wall”

We walked the length of “The Wall,” absorbing the sheer enormity of all of the names of the fallen Vietnam soldiers. I’m so very blessed that my dad’s name is NOT on that wall.

So there it is…my moment to reflect before the day’s events take over. Thank you, vets & service folk.

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  1. E. Murphy says

    Think of it as celebratin what they died for instead of just remembering that they died.

  2. Victoria says

    I love your memorial wall of pictures! Thank you for the memory, and thank you for you grandfather’s service to our country!

  3. Caryn S. says

    I do think it is a celebration. It is a celebration of sacrifice and love, both their love for their country and our love for them. We have a number of veterans in our family, not just from the US (my husband’s grandfather piped the retreat from Dunkirk, he was Scottish and yes a piper!) and at least one died in service (again, from DH’s side, a great uncle who was shot down during WWII, he was in the Army Air Corps). Both of our fathers are vets, as well as a number of other relatives. We deeply appreciate the service of everyone who served and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you for your service.

  4. Susie says

    THANK YOU. I have been so aggravated by this. Memorial Day is to remember men and women who died in battle or of a wound received in battle. Every time some stupid store or car dealer came on TV wishing us a Happy day (oh, by the way we’re having a big sale) I screamed at the TV. There was a special on PBS Frontline last night on the origin of Memorial Day. I didnt know the entire story, but its very interesting. Im sure you can probably find it online. It should be required viewing in school history classes.

  5. says

    You won’t believe we don’t have any similar day to honor our fallen soldiers in Spain, we have an army day, but it is not the same meaning, that one is to celebrate that we have an army, not to commemorate those who risked it all…. USA has such a great concern about those who gave or put their life in risk for their country, never loose that feeling, it is an important part of what keeps your country together.

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