Martha’s Teacup Candles


Marthas tea cup candelsOk, here’s a great way to both recycled chipped or orphaned teacups and old candles: recycled teacup candles.  Just in time for Mothers’ Day, the idea is simple and elegant.

To recap, you’ll gather some wonky candles from around your home. You know you have them- ones that got dinged up, ones that are burned 1/2 way down and look goofy, ones that have faded from the sun. Gather them up and pull out the wicks, and then melt them in a double boiler. (Jenny’s bootleg double boiler is a coffee can in a pan of water!) Melt the wax, and then add a few drops of oil fragrance or coloring made for candles. (Easy to find at your local craft store.)

Dip your new wick (also at the craft store) in the wax to make it stiff. Then cut lengths for your teacup, allowing for enough to wrap around a skewer or pencil. Pour in your wax, and let it set up. (See all of the details on Martha’s site.)

What a great gift for a mom, aunt, grandma, or teacher! I also love the idea of taking those “orphaned” teacups – ones that come from somewhere, but are too pretty to throw away, but maybe are stained inside or have a little chip. (Or go nuts at the thrift store!) Sweet, pretty and recycling. Love it!

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