Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by Plaid


I’ve enjoyed the Martha Stewart Crafts line for a while now- the tools, paints, and papercrafting items are all on my “faves” lists. But now there is something completely new- a line of jewelry crafting items created by Plaid Enterprises and available at Michael’s Stores. The first of our series of reviews will be on the Jewelry Enamel. 

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Line by PlaidFrom the website:

Jewelry enamel mixes like paint and can be added as translucent or opaque shades. When dry, the paint has an amazing gloss finish. The 2-part enameling system air dries within 24-72 hours. Choose from a variety of colors. Mix enamel with activator to create enameled jewelry. 1. Mix 1 part enamel with 2 parts activator. 2. Wipe jewelry with alcohol to clean. Apply with toothpick. 3. Let dry for 72 hours.

So let’s dig in! To use the enamel, you need to mix the activator and color on a safe surface. There is a silicone mat in the line that I was sent to use.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by Plaid


You can also see that there are some nice colors in the line, 10 in all. And you can mix them to customize your colors as well.

So I started by getting my activator and color ready to mix.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by PlaidYou need to mix two parts activator to one part color. I kind of eyeballed it. By the way, you should note that this stuff is kind of stinky. It’s in the epoxy family (from what I can tell) and there is a strong odor much like fingernail polish or a Sharpie marker. Make sure that you open a window or use a fan, and the precautions advise using gloves and not eating or drinking during your creative time. My advice? Not for kids, either.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by PlaidI mixed up my color and began applying it to the brass charms. The instructions say that you can apply it immediately after mixing for a translucent look, or wait 2-3 hours for it to thicken up for a more opaque look.

What this also means is that it’s pretty runny when you first mix it- kind of like cream. It runs and settles and that’s what gives you a more translucent look.

I applied it with a toothpick, as suggested.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by PlaidI guess I got a bit heavy-handed, though, because as you see after a few minutes the color started to run off the edge. You can wipe it away with the silicone-edged brush and use a damp paper towel to remove the excess enamel.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by PlaidI left it just to see how difficult it would be to clean up. The piece above had set overnight, about 15 hours, and the piece was still tacky to the touch. I used a blade to scrape off the excess enamel and it worked pretty well! So if you make a mistake, you can fix it to a point.

Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel by PlaidI decided to use the enamel on a variety of metal surfaces- a pewter sticker, bead, key, soda can aluminum, bottlecap, beads, frames, tags- even some plastic tags and shapes. The color took well to each of them.

Now, I did notice that I had some pooling/puddling involved. I attribute this to uneven surfaces. In the instance of the blue embossed pick shape in the photo above, the piece itself was a bit warped so there was some puddling. With the plastic tag, the paper it was sitting on was a uneven, so it pooled as well. With the flaming heart charm, there was just too much product on the piece for surface tension to hold it, so it bled over the side.

My take-away? Make sure you have a nice, smooth even surface for best results!

After 18 hours, the pieces were no longer tacky to the touch. (PS- the day that I started painting the weather was 82 degrees and rather humid.) Once we turned on the air conditioning, the curing process seemed to go much faster. However, these pieces took over 48 hours to lose the tackiness:

Martha Stewart Jewelry Line by Plaid- Enamel products

But be aware- this is NOT a “quick and easy” craft. Between the mixing, the time it takes to do, (considering you are painting with a toothpick) and the cure time all mean that this is a slow-and-steady type of craft, especially suited for folks who are patient, have good eyesight, and a steady hand.

Oh…and I quick note about durability. bentenamelI took the embossed, aluminum can  piece and bent it over….and then straightened it back out with no creasing, lines, or lifting of the MS jewelry enamel! Now that’s something, right?

We’ll have to see how the pieces hold up to wear and tear with actual use. I’ll make sure to report back!

OH…and one little tip from me. Rather than eyeballing the two-to-one ratio, just make evenly sized dots on your palette. This is how we mix colors for polymer clay and it works well for this product, too.

How to get the correct portion in a two-to-one ratio: 3 evenly sized dots!


SO! All in all, I did enjoy this product. I found the smell to be a bit overwhelming after a time, so PLEASE open a window or use a fan!


  • Easy to mix
  • Unique product on the market
  • Great color palette


  • Takes time (just plan for it)
  • You need a steady hand and good eyes for working in small areas
  • Learning curve!

Is this a product you would try? I’d love to hear your questions and comments !

Note: at this time, the product is available at Michael’s stores and prices were not available.

Disclosure: This product was provided for the purposes of review, but all opinions are honest and my own. 




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  1. Carmen Lucero says

    Thanks for reviewing this product, Jenny. I saw it when I visited California and was admiring it!

  2. debb says

    Interesting product- love the durability! I currently paint my metal with nail polishes and it is not quite as durable but it is easy and cheap (and comes in every color imaginable!).

  3. Debbie says

    I’d give these a try. I’d like to use larger blanks and swirl the colors together for a freeform design.

    When I was in elementary school we used to make enamel jewelry in art class and I loved it. With this, no kiln is needed so that’s great!

  4. says

    Debbie- you know, I think I gave away all of my micro beads, but I can see what I have around to check!

  5. says

    Debbie- if you are going to swirl, not mix, the colors, make sure you mix up the colors 1-2 hours before you use them. The mixture thickens considerably and will be more conducive to that swirly, marbled look! HTH, J

  6. says

    In my experience, epoxy resin is just as odorous. (And it certainly is just as toxic, so do keep that ventilation flowing!) I do like the convenience of he colors added in without fussing.

  7. Laura says

    I’d love to know how to clean the silicone mat afterwards. I can’t find any info on that. Do you wipe or rinse off the leftover enamel? Does it stain the mat?

  8. says

    Laura-the enamels just peel right off when you are done. I’ve seen a little staining from the epoxy clay, but it’s a work mat so I don’t mind a bit. It’s great for using as a hot glue gun surface, too, by the way!

  9. Rachella says

    This looks like a fun project! I think I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks.

  10. Emily says

    thanks for the info on this product! can you attest to how your projects with this enamel have held up over time? thanks!!

  11. says

    Emily- with regular use, it’s held up just fine. Granted, I wear it only once a month or so and don’t sleep/shower in it. Hope that helps!

  12. Charlotte says

    I can’t seem to find where (online) to buy the Martha Stewart silicone mat, and enamel paints and activator. I found the paints on the Plaid website, but its just information, not in their shop. Any clues on how to go about actually buying these products???
    Thank you!!

  13. says

    I believe that these products were available at Michael’s stores but now they have been discontinued. Perhaps EBay? Good luck!

  14. Leeanne says

    Martha Stewart’s 2 part enamal is no longer available at Michaels. Anywhere else it can be purchased from?

  15. says

    Leeanne- I’m sorry, you’d have to contact Plaid (the manufacturer) for more information. I’m thinking it’s been discontinued. Good Luck!

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