Martha Stewart Blogger’s Night Out Party


Welcome to the Mecca for Crafters

I did a full-on, whole body “Happy Dance” when I got the invitation to Martha Stewart’s “Blogger’s Night Out” party in New York City at her Martha Stewart Omnimedia offices.

First thought: “AH! I got an invite!”(Kinda cool for little ol’ me!)

Then “OH! I get to see the offices where the magic happens!” (It’s a good thing!)

Then: “Ohhh- what ever do I WEAR?!? (I’m not kidding. This is how I think.)

I was heading to BlogHer 10 anyway, so it was perfect timing. I flew into NYC on Thursday early afternoon, then changed and took a cab to the “Mecca for Crafters”, her offices on W. 26th.  Actually, it’s an unassuming building with lots of construction around it. Who knew?

Now, a quick side note: I didn’t take a slew of pictures. I was more interested in taking in the whole experience, you know? Enjoying the food, checking it out, soaking it up. I did take a few shots, but I also scooped a few from other bloggers. They are credited in the captions.

We got the offices on the 9th floor, and everything was white and flooded with light. And “Martha Blue”, too. The staff immediately started handing out tasty beverages and sumptuous nummies.

“Le Martha” herself was there at the beginning to address the assembled guests- but then she made a hasty adieu, so there were no photo or autograph opps.

Photo by Sarah Moore

Then we got to take a look at all of the “departments.” Of course, I made a bee-line to the Crafts table, but there was also tables representing her pets line, Everyday Food magazine, her home dec line, Weddings, and more. I think it was nice so that niche bloggers could head right toward their subject of interest. And, of course, there was fun and/or food at every station.

You know where I went first!

Behold, the table of glitter!

Hannah has worked in the Martha Stewart crafts department for 20 years. Wow.

Display rack of the latest MS craft items.

A much nicer photo from the Flickr stream!

The marvelous Andrea shows me their Halloween Promo poster!

Oooohing over the new punches. Photo by Kelly Samardak

Can you find me in this photo? I’m yukking it up! Photo from the Flickr photostream.

All in all, it was everything I thought it would be- beautiful, delicious, well-organized, and with the Martha aesthetic pervading every detail! (Oh, and little loud, too.)

What could make it better? An opportunity to get a private tour of the offices! But you have to wait for that tomorrow!!

In the meanwhile, read all about Sarah Moore’s take & watch the video of Martha’s address on You can also see some really nice, high quality images from the MSLO photostream. Enjoy!

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    I was lucky to be there too! What a view even though we were not on the rooftop. Missed Martha by a hair but did see her daughter and had a great time!


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