Make Your Own Washi Tape with the Xyron


make your own custom washi tape from wrapping paper!


After writing my post about the different kinds and properties of washi tape (or paper tape, or tissue tape) I started wondering how I could make my own. I’d seen some tutorials using double-sided tape, but if you use that you are limited to how wide your tape can be, as well as having to trim all of your paper by hand.

Then it hit me- the Xyron Creatopia (affiliate link)  will apply a uniform dry adhesive edge-to-edge AND provide a stabilizing release paper. But would it work with gift wrapping paper or tissue? Only one way to find out!

Cheap dollar-store tissue paper + Xyron

The answer, my friends, is a resounding YES!!!


I made a little video here explaining the process:


Here are some of the paper tapes I’ve made… and like I say in the video, I am obsessed.


Wrapping paper, tissue paper, and stamped/misted tissue all make great washi tapes!

Have fun creating!


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  1. s'mee says

    Sweet Mercy THANK YOU! As you said, it’s time to dust of the ol’ zyron! Ya and yippie!

  2. says

    Fantastic! Considering I have um…several different sizes of Xyron, I should be able to use one of them for this lol!

  3. Julie says

    Not only do I LOVE this idea, but I LOVE the joy and excitement you show in presenting it to us, Jenny!

  4. says

    Jenny, you are my hero! Bless you! I am washi tape obsessed too – but I have a friend in Japan who sends me some from time to time. Still, it’s never enough, and always want a greater variety of patterns. Gotta try this!

  5. diane says

    Jenny you are my craft hero. I have been sorta obsessed with the new decorative Duck Tape that is out. I had seen one with holiday words and can’t remember where I saw it. Saw your video and am so excited. I also love love Washi tape but it is expensive. I am going to do this this week. What fun. Thanks for sharing!

  6. says

    Your tutorial is really great. And WOW, your on-video skills are great. You really helped me with some ideas how to improve mind. Thanks!

    Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

  7. says

    Jenny, I loved the video! Thanks for sharing your technique. I have a pile o tissue to try this on, now I a sooo wishing I had a bigger Xyron too. I have the sticker and up to 2.5 maker only.

  8. Cathleen Moses says

    OMG! How cute is that?! I use my zyron all the time! —and have lots of scraps of tissue and paper. How about tape that matches your wrapping paper? Oh so many ideas!! Thanks

  9. says

    i am so excited to try this with my diferent size xyrons…but being new to this tape I would like ot see how it is being used. I am going ot try and find your web site.

  10. says

    Jenny – I bought some of the washi tape last month when it was on mark down and I was impressed with it. Now I can make my own because yes, I have a Xyron! Great idea.

  11. Bonnie says

    OMG , this is killer!! Thanks so much… I have read the tutorials about making my own with double sided tape and it seemed limiting and frustrating, this opens a whole new world.. going to try… TODAY!!

  12. Annette Kelly says

    This is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for having the brain power to figure this out.

  13. says

    I pinned this on pinterest so that I can come back and purchase one of these nifty little tools using your affiliate link cause…… I sooooo want one now…..

  14. Judy Estrada says

    Love the idea of making washi tape! I think I could take this idea & run even more with it. I am going to tery to back papwr with my Xyron & then cut my card borders with dies & then when I build my card just peel & apply as it already has my favorite Xyron adhesive on it!. I will be experimenting.
    Thanks for the video & idea! Now I will play with new ideas!

  15. Greg McKinney says

    I never comment on craft sites because there never seem to be any guys commenting. I like to craft, so I’m owning it!

    Thanks for sharing this FANTASTIC idea. I am always happy to find another use for my Xyron.

    Now, I would be a happy crafter if some companies would stop making all their crafting tools pink.

    You have a great site. I check it often.

  16. Carolyn says

    I just happened on your website tonight and I am thrilled that I did!!Your
    enthusiasm is awesome and I’m so excited to get started making my own
    washi tape! I think we need a “Washi Tape Club” for all of us that love it so much. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  17. says

    No- to laminate would give you a stiff and non-sticky strip. This technique uses the Xyron and the only substitute would be another double-sided tissue thin dry adhesive.


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