Luny’s Half-Moon Beads


As it is with most of us in the blogosphere, I do a fair amount of surfing other blogger’s sites. “Luny” is a polymer clay-er that belongs to one of my Yahoo Groups, and she had showed us some of her half-moon beads.

I really liked them, and left a comment to tell her so. She responded by posting a how-to so that I could try making my own.

How cool is that?

So go visit “Luny” at TwistedKneads, too… there are bunch of ideas, how-to’s, links, and general inspiration!

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  1. says

    Jenny …I’m just tickled silly that you have me on your blog! I don’t care what anybody says, it’s nice to get noticed now and then and I’m gonna stay puffed up and strut like a peacock all dang day! LOL!
    Thank you bunches, Jenny, and I wanna see those half mooners when you get them done!
    hugs, luny

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