How-To: Loom Knitted Santa Hats


While I’ve tried traditional knitting in the past, it’s only left me frustrated. I’ve had problems with tension, wrist fatigue, and dropped stitches- but all of these issues have been erased with the knitting loom. It’s easy, fun, and success-oriented. You can make your first baby hat in under 2 hours!

So here’s my project. SANTA HATS!



How cute are they??

And the fun is that you can knit up a bunch and give them as gifts,or make your family pose in them for the holiday card picture, as I intend to do!

To make your hat, you’ll need the appropriate loom size (newborn, childs, adult, and cowl) and one skein each of a fuzzy white yarn and all-purpose red.

Cast on with your white fuzzy yarn and knit around and around until you have about 4 inches of knitted tube.

cakeandcandy 009

Cut the yarn from the skein, leaving about a 6 inch tail. Begin wrapping the red around the loom, knitting the new color into the old. Continue in this fashion until you have about 8 inches of red knitted up.

Just start wrapping & knitting with the new color, leaving a tail.

quillcombcraftco&loom 030

Cut the red yard from the skein, leaving about a 6 inch tail. Next, cut a 10 inch piece of yarn and thread the plastic needle. Make a slip-knot at the end, and fasten the loop around the peg on the front of the loom. Then, one at a time, slip the needle with yarn through the loops on the pegs and then lift them off.

quillcombcraftco&loom 032quillcombcraftco&loom 031

Once all the loops are threaded on your yarn, unfasten your slip knot and pull both ends tight, gathering the top of the tube closed. Knot securely, then push the tails down into the inside of the hat.

quillcombcraftco&loom 033

Finish it off by tying the loose tails with knots and then weaving the long ends back into the hat. The crowning glory is adding a little white pom-pom on top! (I used the Easy Knitting Pom-Pom Loom to make those, but I’ll talk about that another day! )

quillcombcraftco&loom 039quillcombcraftco&loom 040

Update 4/2012: This craft is now featured in a FREE down-loadable E-Book from! Just click THIS LINK to go to the page to get all the FREE Christmas-themed hats, scarves and jewelry goodies in this book! : O

Disclosure: I designed and published this craft originally for but I thought I’d share it here, too (I’ve edited it a bit) They supplied me with the original materials. 

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  1. says

    Can you tell me the approximate diameter of the loom you used and who the hat fits? I’m not sure what size I should use since my looms are different colors. Thank you so much!

  2. says

    I used the smallest one for the under-year olds, and the larger one for adults. If you put in on your head and it fits like a crown, it should work! : )

  3. Gwen says

    Very easy hat to make. Made this for my grandson, Rowen. Can’t wait to get it in the mail to him. :)

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