Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint


If you love to upcycle or recycle, you know the value of spray paint! It can transform yard-sale finds into new treasures for your home economically and in almost no time flat. That’s why today I want to share with you Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint!

Krylon ColorMaster

Here’s how it’s described on the website:

ColorMaster’s formulation provides an expanded recoat window of four hours, not just one. That allows time for additional coats, achieving a smooth, flawless finish that makes color look its best. ColorMaster also offers:Provides premium coverage and brilliant color; EZ Touch 360 Dial spray tip delivers precise application and less overspray; Perfect for indoor and outdoor projects; Dries in 10 minutes or less.

It’s listed on the can that it will work on:

  • wood
  • metal
  • masonry
  • wicker
  • glass
  • ceramic
  • paper
  • fabric

Of course, I like to try things out myself. So I cracked open a can and gave it a whirl.

Krylon ColorMaster

Here you see that there is a white tip that actually channels the spray into a wide fan. You can reposition it horizontally, vertically or at an angle, depending on what you need. It’s designed to cause less overspray, and MAN, it works great!

Krylon ColorMaster

Here’s how you can position it- the directions are on the can.

Krylon ColorMaster

The flat spray means that I could hold this peg in my hand and get a full coverage spray without getting it on my fingers. It’s also helpful in laying down smooth, even coats of paint.

I have to mention that the spray button itself is also pretty cool. As you may or may not know, I suffer from hand fatigue and usually 10 minutes of spray painting causes me pain and I have to stop. I worked for 15 minutes using the EZ Touch without pain. Another plus- the cap comes off just by pinching and pulling it. No rooting around for a screwdriver to pry off the cap! WHEE! These may be little things to some, but to those of us with hand issues, it’s a real benefit. Thank you, Krylon! 

So I tested the paint using three objects- an MDF home decor item (the key- bought on 75% off clearance- woot!), a galvanized tin pail, a fabric-covered cork board, and a wicker planter basket.

Note: this is an aerosol product and has precautions. Please follow common sense about inhalation dangers and use of proper ventilation. 

Krylon ColorMaster

Wicker basket “Before” – no priming

Krylon ColorMaster

MDF Key “before” – no priming

Krylon ColorMaster

One coat on the bucket. Yipes! No before pic!

Krylon ColorMaster

My son is putting the first coat on the fabric pinboard.


Since it was raining, it took slightly longer than 10 minutes listed on the can. But really, by the time I got one coat on everything I could go back and put the second coats on.

By the end of the afternoon, I had this:

Krylon ColorMaster

I love how the glossy paint even took to the wicker- it took about 3 light coats since the surface was not primed.

Krylon Color Master

I give it a “scratch test” after 10 minutes. It WILL come off! Please let it cure the full time to ensure durability!

Krylon Color Master

The key has dried about an hour- it feels very dry and solid to the touch. I like the gloss, too- not a SUPER gloss, but nice.

Krylon Color Master

The fabric turned out kind of streaky. Not sure if I’d use spray paint again for this kind of job.


Right now, Krylon ColorMaster spray paint is only available at Wal-Mart Stores (click here to find a store near you.) But I hear that it will be at other retailers soon. If you want it, ask for it! I only got Cherry Red Gloss to work with and review, but there are 75 colors for YOU to pick from!

I can’t comment on price at this time, but I do think it’s a good solid product- and I’m looking forward to some great DIYs!

Disclosure: Sample provided for review purposes. Opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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  1. Susie F says

    Oh how I wish they had this back in the early 90’s when I was doing craft shows. Doing coat after coat of acrylic on wood for decorative painting. UGH

  2. Maria says

    I bought 2 cans of Ocean – pale blue – GLOSS…used it on a primed metal bench….no gloss, flat and chalky. Used it on a lightly sanded wood box, FLAT…CHALKY….no gloss. Why?

  3. says

    Maria- I had some chalkyness with my first coat of red gloss, too. I re-shook the can and added a second coat. The chalk-finish disappeared. Hope this helps!

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