Kid’s Crafts: GrandParent’s Day Foamie Photo Ornament


About this time of year, my kids get the itch to start making gifts for friends, teachers, and grandparents. I came up with a kid-friendly craft that will enable them to give a gift they’ll be proud of- and it’s a great way to share those wallet-size photos from school pictures!

I used a manual die-cutting machine for this because my kids, ages 6 and 10, know how to use it independently and frankly the results are great!


First, have your kids cut bases using the third-largest die. You’ll find that foamies cut beautifully! Then, cut the frame portion by positioning the second SMALLEST die in the middle of a next largest one. Use a piece of painter’s tape to keep it from shifting around while you run it through the machine.

Use painter’s tape to keep the dies from shifting.

Next, position the photo in the middle of the frame, and use a little bit of glue to hold it in place. Then affix a 6 inch loop of Bowdabra wire behind the frame. Add more glue and glue it to the glittery side of the base.

Use Foamies glue for best results.

Let this dry a bit, then add some stick-on pearls or rhinestones.

Lastly, add the child’s name and/or school year to the back using the Foamies Markers.

Use the cut-out from the frame and a few foamie stickers to decorate the back, too.

A keepsake to treasure year after year!

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