Kid’s Crafts: Play Doh DohVinci by Hasbro


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are already well aware of the legendary modeling clay Play Doh. This year Hasbro took it to the next level by creating a new hand-held extruder for the distinctive-smelling compound- and what you get is DohVinci!

Doh-Vinci clay extruder by Hasbro

I received this comp package from a blogger’s conference I went to…and let me tell you, the minute I unpacked it my  9-year old daughter bugged me incessantly to crack it open. Of course, I had to take some pictures for you first.

Inside the package, you get…


One plastic hand-held extruder….IMG_5838

Three canisters of Play Doh…. which I guess are called “Deco Pops” and will retail for $3.99 for a set of four.


decorator tips for doh-vinci

And three decorative tips for the canisters!


When you remove the cap, you’ll see a standard nozzle.


You slide the canister into the holder and place the plunger into the back end. The “trigger” is just for show- you activate the extruder by gripping the handles and squeezing with a power grip. It takes only moderate effort to extrude the clay.


When you screw the decorator tips onto the Play Doh canister, you can extrude fun shapes!

By the way, this seems to be a vastly different formulation than regular Play Doh. First off, the DohVinci clay is lighter and fluffier… like a whipped frosting in a can. And when it dries, it stays light and even a little flexible- not brittle and prone to cracking like the regular stuff.


Obviously, I needed to practice a bit. Or better yet, turn it over to my junior assistant!


She quickly got the hang of changing colors and tips, and creating perfect shapes on her paper.

IMG_5844 IMG_5845 IMG_5846

She had a great time- and is already asking for more Deco-Pops colors and canisters.

One fun tip- we found that you can extrude the shapes onto a plastic surface and then peel them off when they are dry!


Play Doh embellishementsSo technically you could create fun embellishments for other projects.

This is such a new product that I can’t source shopping or pricing information just yet- (the rumor is that the starter kit will be around 10 bucks) but you can bet it’s going to be a big thing next holiday season.

My only ding on the DohVinci is that the canisters don’t seem to be refillable- which will get pricey AND is not environmentally-friendly. (I’m not even sure if the plastic canisters are recyclable.) So there’s that.

But since this product is really geared for the 6-12 year old crowd- older than your average Play-Doh set- Hasbro is appealing to creative kids and encouraging creative fun. And who can argue with that?


So…what do you think?? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure- sample provided for review purposes. All opinions are based on my first-hand experience with the product.

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  1. Lynn says

    I think I need one if these for myself. Ha I am 59. Thanks for the review.

  2. Georgia Browne says

    Gosh, I am ADDICTED to your website and information that you give. In fact, it is the FIRST of all the 36+ emails that I receive each day. thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    My 7 yo would love this and it seems more controlled and less messy than the regular stuff. And I bet my 13 yo son wouldn’t be able to stay away even tho he is too cool for this type of thing. Seems to be marketed for girls tho. I wish the colours were more gender neutral and less neon. Hopefully they come up with a kit win primary colours.

  4. Caryn S. says

    would love to see video of this being used. Looks a lot like my cookie press.

  5. JOAN SMITH says

    OMG Jenny what an awesome product my granddaughter is 8 now but since she was 2 we’ve played with playdough and I have tons of play dough for her and two big play sets and tools and we have a blast with it…..I so want this play dough toy it is amazing….My kids all had play dough by the ton and lots of play dough toys to create….I’m glad that it’s still out there it’s the best for creative play along with the still Fisher Price’s little people of which I have lots too for creative play it’s the best. Thanks for sharing. sorry I’m so extra windy today.

  6. says

    Yes dohvinci is reusable ….a special dohvinci refill kit ….used to mix special color mixes of many colors can be made ….so keep looking there is more dohvinci products ….we will soon .cracked code to make more flowing fluid doh ….probably cut cornstarch or alum out or reduce amount!!

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