Kid’s Craft Review: Art Journal Kit by Artterro


Art Journaling is all the rage in the scrapbooking/ crafting community- so it’s no surprise that someone should come up with an art journal geared toward kids! Artterro has done just that- they’ve created a kid-friendly kit that encourages drawing, writing, doodling, and collage.

This kit consists of the mat board bound journal, pretty handmade papers, pocket pages and some really fun idea pages. (Note: you supply scissors, drawing/writing materials, glue etc.)

Here’s how the Art Journal kit is described on the website:

We’ve teamed up with Strathmore Artist Papers to create a unique place for budding artists to explore their creativity through art journaling. Learn fun doodling, drawing and collage techniques with inspiring materials!
Five great colors to choose from, collect them all! Great for all ages.

The idea pages give suggestions for art techniques and ways of approaching your journaling.

The pages are wonderfully high-quality- it IS Strathmore, after all- and the are a nice heavy weight to stand up to collage techniques!

So… to test drive this product, I enlisted the help of my Junior Assistant- my 7 year old daughter. She’s a pretty crafty kid- apples and trees and all that- and I just gave her the kit with the instructions to make collages about the things that matter to her. To go with the kit, I gave her some crayons, buttons, glue, paint dabbers, and watercolors.

Here are some of the pages she made:

Page on "Making Art" and "Love"

These pages are devoted to her love of animals.

On this page, she wrote a story.

So far, little girl has logged about 4 hours art journaling, and she’s about 1/3 of the way through the book. She’s asked me on three different occasions so far if she can “work on her journal” and she’s come up with all of the topics on her own. Last evening we were having some dinner and she even mentioned that she wanted to use our dinner conversation to make a new page.

SO. As far as I’m concerned, this is FAB. YOU. LOUS. It’s encouraging my first-grader to write stories, keep memories, and make her own art with very little prompting. She’s also developing her writing and reading skills, along with the habit of putting her feelings and ideas on paper. She hasn’t cut into the pretty papers yet…she’s “saving” them…but I’m sure she’ll use them somehow.

The kit retails for under $13 USD, and would make an excellent birthday or holiday gift. (Wouldn’t it be super cute to put one in an Easter basket with some fresh crayons, glue sticks, and new scissors?) The quality is top-notch, and a great way to get your little ones introduced to journaling. What’s not to love?


Also, if you are interested in helping fund Artterro via Kickstarter– like I did- just click the link. Did you know that they employ folks from Goodwill Industries to pack the kits? Do it. It’ll make you feel good.

If you are considering purchasing Artterro Art Kits, I hope you’ll use CTD affiliate links:

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    OMG! This is awesome!! My daughter is home sick with me today & working right along side me as I do an online journalling class!! It’s going in her Easter basket!! Thanks for the review!


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