Kids Craft Product Review: Glam Art kits by Dot Art


I have two little girls who love making art projects with their mama. And while I love sharing my stuff with them, sometimes it’s nice to be able to pull out something special just for them. This Glam Art kit from Fubulous Wubulous (part of Dot Art) is just the thing to keep your little artists joyfully occupied for a morning or afternoon of creative fun!

Glam Art kits contain “3 art boards to decorate with sparkling sequins and glistening jewels. Just follow the easy color patterns or create your own.” Inside each box, you’ll find three 10×12″ self-framed adhesive picture boards, over 1000 sequins and jewels, a “Glam Grabber Tool,” and a sequin tray (plus instructions). The kit is marked for ages “5 to 105.”

I opened the box and found the sequin tray, which I easily folded and assembled in a minute or so.


The art boards are covered in a wax-like paper to protect the adhesive. I found that the wax paper is cut into multiple pieces, so that you can remove just the part from the area of the picture that you want to work on, thus leaving the remainder of the board protected until you are ready to work on it.


The sequins and jewels are packaged in individual zippered baggies, by color, and there are plenty to go around! The “Glam Grabber Tool” is actually a wax crayon…something totally safe for kids to use! Love this!


I poured the sequins and jewels out into the sequin tray and let the decorating begin. (My only wish is that I had an extra wax crayon, since I had two kids working at the same time. I suppose I could have tried a regular crayon, but instead, I let my kiddos use another grabber tool we had on hand. You could also just let them try it with their fingers.)

There are color-coded circles on the art boards, each with adhesive on it, to guide the children with placement of the sequins and jewels. They can choose to follow the color guides or place the sequins and jewels as they please.


The time it takes to complete a picture depends on how many sequins are required for the picture itself. I will say that my girls gave up on theirs the first day, before they were finished…but they are also only 4 years old. They were happy to return to them the next day and work on them some more, though, and the clincher seemed to be that they needed me to be sitting with them, helping them. I decided to work on a picture myself, and was able to complete it in about 20 minutes.


The Girly Garden Glam Art kit retails for $16.99, and there plenty of other styles to choose from. I think these would be great for play dates, slumber/birthday parties, snow days, or sick days, or would make a great gift for a young artist you know! I personally love having things like this on hand to pull out when our plans get changed unexpectedly and my kids are let down, or for days like today when I need to keep 2 of my kids occupied while the 3rd is doing something else. Let me know what you think!

Disclosure: sample provided for review.

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  1. Connie says

    With summer right around the corner we are going to need some of these great ideas and kits to get through it all!

  2. Jude says

    thank you for this. I have bought one for my 5yr old for Christmas and was a bit worried she’d be disappointed (she asked for “sequin art” as its getting a lot of TV coverage at the moment) but your review has put my mind at rest.


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