Kids Craft Product Review: Do-A-Dot Art Markers from DotArt


My 3 kids love to make art, and between my art supplies and theirs, we have a ton of arts and crafts products in our home.  Somehow, though, we hadn’t managed to acquire anything similar to today’s product, and I have no idea why…because it’s a win-win for everyone…no mess and tons of fun! Do-A-Dot Art sponge-tip applicator markers are what you would commonly think of as “bingo markers.”  But they’re not quite the same.  Let me share them with you.


Do-A-Dot Art kits come with 6 colors each, and there are 4 different color packs.  The markers have a screw-off cap, a sponge-tip applicator, and a release-valve inside that is pressure-sensitive (you push down to release the paint).  Each marker holds 2.5 fl. oz. of paint.


The markers also are slightly concave on two sides, with ridges on the sides, to help little hands to be better able to hold them.


Per the packaging, the markers are also non-toxic and washable, and the markers will not drip or dry out if the cap is left off.


I let my two 4-year olds and my 7-year old have an afternoon of fun with the markers.  First, they just played around with making dots on paper.  I have to admit, even I enjoyed the colorful markers.  Lol.  (The packaging DOES say ages 3 to 103!)


Then we tried some other ideas with the markers.  First we made some dots on watercolor paper and spritzed a bit of water over them…the kids loved watching the paint spread…my daughter said it looked like “sunshine.”


Then we tried using stencils with the markers.  The kids loved this and I think might have spent the rest of the day doing it if I’d have let them!


And finally, we made some simple pictures just using the markers.  My 7-year old especially loved this and filled his entire page with color.


About mid-way through our play, when one of my twins went searching for another stencil, I discovered that the purple marker was missing from the table-top.  I started to panic, because my kids have a terrible tendency to walk off with the art supplies and end up “art-ing” all over the house!  I found the marker on one of the couches, and sure enough, there was a “dot art” on the couch.  Now, while the product packaging does say that it is washable, it also states, “not recommended on porous household surfaces i.e. carpets, walls & furniture.”  I grabbed a baby wipe and started to blot it, and impressively, was able to get most of it out with just the wipe.  I got my stain spray of choice out and was easily able to get the remaining bit out with little effort.  Whew!

The package of 6 markers retails for $15.95, not unreasonable for what you get and how long I think they’ll last.  There are also activity books available, which are something like a coloring book for the dot markers and look like fun.  My kids thoroughly enjoyed the markers for a good 2.5 hours, and are already asking when they can play with them again.  I say you can’t go wrong with these Do-A-Dot Art markers…and they’d be a great thing to keep on hand for a rainy day (or snow day)!!


Disclosure:  Samples provided for review purpose

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