Kid’s Craft Kit Review: “Make Your Own Lip Balm” from Creativity For Kids by Faber-Castell


My little girl is a GIRLY girl- she loves to craft, and if it’s something she can wear or use (like soaps or lotions) then she is in her own pink heaven. That’s why when she got the “Make Your Own Lip Balm” kit from Creativity for Kids (a subsidiary of Faber-Castell), I knew she’d be begging me to let her open it up and get crafting!

This kit comes with:

  • 5 cosmetic tins
  • lip balm carrying case
  • lip balm base
  • 3 flavor colors; citrus, cherry & berry
  • sticker sheets
  • stir stick
  • spatula
  • melting container
  • measuring cup

The kit has a great presentation and picture instructions.

The first step is to divide the base into 5 sections, and scoop some out into the measuring cup. I have to tell you, this was the toughest step! I can divide into 4 sections- or 6 sections…but I’m fractionally impaired when it comes to five! I tried scooping the base with the the spoon that comes with the kit, but it was a little flimsy…I used my teaspoon instead.

I am SO not good at dividing this up into 5 sections! Yipes.

Then you rest the little measuring cup in a cup full of warm water to allow it to soften. When it was softened, my daughter added the drops of coloring/flavoring.

The little cup likes to tip over. Hold it steady!

Little girl love the "mad science" part of dropping in the flavors and mixing them up.

Then all you have to do is scoop it out into one of the little jars.

There are stickers to decorate your little jars, too….and of course, that was a bit hit. One word of caution- the container must be ABSOLUTELY clean for the stickers to adhere. If there is even trace of the lip balm, they stickers peel back off. I kinda wish the stickers were vinyl instead of paper-based- they would be so much more effective. But little girl doesn’t know the difference….she was in heaven decorating.

We mixed up three different containers of lip balm in the space of about 1/2 hour. We decided to save the rest for another rainy day. I personally tried the lip balm, and it was smooth and creamy, and the flavorings were mild. Because the colors were for “show” and don’t actually tint your lips, it’s also “Kinder-friendly,” if you know what I mean.

This is a fun kit that is certainly age- appropriate for 6 and up, but an adult should still be on hand since you need warm-to-hot water to soften the lip balm base. However, it’s a great rainy day activity, or they could be made in advance and given as gifts or party favors. The kit retails for $21.99. but check around online- I’ve seen it as low as $17.00USD online. So make sure you check around!

Good fun at a good price- and you get to both craft AND wear your creation. Win-win in my world!

Disclosure: This kit was given to my daughter as a gift from a relative. Unsolicited, unbiased review.

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  1. Terri H. says

    That looks like a great kit! I have 2 boys so I won’t be going out to buy this. But if I had a littel girl, I would definitely get it!! looks like a great rainy day project!!

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