Kid’s Craft Kit Review: Bubble Wand Kit By Artterro


A while back I was offered the chance to review the ArtTerro open-ended, eco-friendly craft kits for kids and we had a great time playing with the Wire and Bead Kit.  When the kids saw the Bubble Wand Kit, they got really excited. And with some of the hot weather we’ve been having, it was the perfect excuse to get outside, craft, and PLAY!

The kit comes with two pre-drilled dowels, two lengths of copper wire, two marbles, and instructions/patterns.

There are instructions on how to build a jig to create certain patterns as well as a recipe for bubble solution. I tried to get my 9 year old son to actually build a jig- but his imagination was already on fire and he had his own ideas to build a “lightening” wand. (Actually, he got so excited and moved so quickly I didn’t have time to get photos of him working at all!)

My sweet, butterfly- loving 5 year old girl asked me to make one for her. I started by threading the wire through the dowel to secure it.

Thread the wire through the pre-drilled dowel to secure.

Then I formed the rest by hand. The copper wire is substantial but not difficult to manipulate by hand. However, you will want to have nail clippers or wire cutters handy for cutting the wire. You don’t want to ruin your regular scissors cutting wire. (And kudos to the instructions for pointing this out!)

Bubble wand completed!

In only 10 minutes the wands were completed. The next few pictures are the bubble wands in ACTION. Because they are meant for playing with, right?

She loves the butterfly shape...

And it works, too!

My son eyes his lightning wand.

Master of the universe!

So here’s the bottom line: this is a marvelous craft kit. While it only takes a few minutes to make, my kids got really invested in creating their special wands and then spent an hour galloping around the back yard making bubbles and playing games. And because the wand engages their imagination, it has a much longer shelf-life as a toy then a cheap, plastic bubble wand. Really, this is what you want a toy to be: a jumping-off point for creativity and imagination. We want our kids to have a rich fantasy life and just have fun being kids. This kit fit that bill to a T.

This kit retails for about 15.00 USD and makes 2 wands. I think that for the quality of experience, it’s well worth it. This is also the kind of gift Grandparents, Aunties, and Godparents will want to keep on hand for visits or tuck into stockings for the holidays.

This kit earns the “Craft Test Dummies Approved” seal for being creative, sustainable, and economical!

I’m going to leave you with one more photo of the kids at play…

Playing together, having fun.

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  1. Sue Castle says

    This was a wonderful review and I’ve been trying to figure out where to buy one of these. I have 2 grandchildren coming to live with me soon (5 & 7) and love the chance to win one of these to have for them when they get here. Thanks so much for the review and the chance to have a kit of my own for the girls. Smiles

  2. Betsy says

    Jenny, I wanted to thank you for the bubble wand which I won (yippee!). I tried your email and it keeps bouncing. But this is going to be a big hit with the little ones who are going to be getting it soon!
    Keep up the great blogging and testing. Remember to test absolutely everything on polymer clay! :-)


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