Jenny’s Recap: Photos from CHA Winter 2013- Day 2


The second day of the CHA winter conference and tradeshow brought more familiar faces, awesome booths, and for me- MEETINGS. One of the drawbacks of being the head dummy is that I have to wear the business hat more often.

But I did get to roam a bit and see a few things:


Ken Oliver from Spellbinders was rocking the show!


Some of #TeamCTD went to the Spellbinders Breakfast. Congrats to them for winning the Attendee’s Choice Award!


Polly Conway is one of our newer members- but she is one of my tribe. I love her sense of humor and craft style/1


Speaking of style, I love some of the fashions at the Lion Brand Fashion Show. This granny square frock rocked my world. You can see Vanna MC’ing.


Simple, bold color catches my eye every time!


Newcomers to the show, Sticky Sticks are a solution to a problem you didn’t know you have- aggressive adhesive on a craft stick.


Stacey Caron is the owner/founder of Spellbinders- and a great gal from Ohio. Her company really showed up with new, innovative products!


One of my favorite booth exhibits- Craft Attitude has branched out with their product applications and the booth was amazing!


Awww- for me, EK SUCCESS? Saw this at their booth!


Yes. Love this card from the SImple Stories booth.


Jonathon Fong is an amazing designer, and he sported this fun hat. It’s amazing what you can do with this versatile product.


I spotted this washi-tape covered bicycle at a booth. (I forgot to write it down.) But it seems that bicycles- both altered in real life AND as a them for stamps and papers- are still a hot trend.


I “got hammered” with Margot Potter at the ImpressArt booth. She was running a cool make-and-take. And looking super-fine for photo ops!


Jen Hadfield of was another celeb blogger running a make-and-take at Plaid. She is so lovely.


While at a blogger event in the evening, I ran into Tanner Bell and his “assistant” Courtney. He’s quite a prolific crafter at 14, and has an amazing YouTube and Twitter audience!

I am SO bummed that I missed photos with Mark Montano and Simone Collins…but you’ll see their lovely mugs in some of the other #TeamCTD CHA round-up posts. Now…more tomorrow!

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  1. beckiev says

    Just went to HSN’s TV program guide for Jan 23 and there was your name under Guests beginning at 8:00 AM. Very exciting!!

  2. says

    A million hearts to you for having me and showing me the ropes! It was simply the best time and I feel so rejuvenated! More CHA posts from this newbie coming up STAT, just gotta open that daunting suitcase full of samples!

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