Jenny’s Faves from #CHAshow Create-N-Connect & a GIVEAWAY


I love that I can still get excited by craft supplies! After 5 years in this world and literally thousands of craft supplies, there are still things that stop me in my tracks. I’m excited to share with you my “top picks” from the Create-N-Connect #CHAshow! These are products that I’m excited to use and try over the next few months. Ready? Here they are, in no particular order!

Silhouette Cling Mount Stamp Making Kit


Silhouette Stamp makerThis nifty kit allows you to cut an image with your Silhouette with an acrylic medium  that clings onto an acrylic stamp, making CUSTOM STAMPS. This could change my world, y’all.

“Show Toppers” Mason Jar Accessories from Cosmo Cricut

Cosmo Cricut Show Toppers Cosmo Cricut Show Toppers

So while this technically isn’t a craft, it’s damn crafty. They have created super-cute “show toppers” lids that fit your mason jars, and then little mobile-like thingies that attach to the lid so you can create displays in them! GUYS! Dying of cuteness, here! SWOON.

Kroma Crackle Medium

Kroma Crackle Medium Kroma Crackle Medium

This is one of my mixed-media darlings. Crackle done WRONG is so 1980’s. Crackle done RIGHT- like you see above- is totally on-trend in mixed media. I’m super impressed with this product and even more so with the husband-and-wife-team owners. Plus the Mrs. is one talented gal. Did I mention that unlike every other product it starts CLEAR and turns WHITE when it dries?? Stay tuned for our review coming soon!

Sizzix A2 Size Flip It Dies by Stephanie Bernard

Sizzix A2 Flip itsSo while this photo isn’t impressive on it’s own, what it represents IS- a new version of the Flip-Its dies that we love- but instead of the thick steel-rule ones, THESE are the thin-rule ones. AND they come with ore accompanying dies so you can really trick out the whole thing! AND they are an A2 size!! So for folks like me who love to send Operation Write Home cards, these will fit their guidelines. I totally had a fan-girl moment talking with Stephanie about them- and I’m hoping to get a set to review soon!

Media Mixage Hatpin Forms from Spellbinders

Mixed Media Mixage

Because they are HATPINS, people. Do I need more of a reason to fall like a schoolgirl in love?

Lawn Fawn’s Say Cheese line

If I have to explain this to you, you probably don’t know me very well. But suffice it to say that the stamps, coordinating die, and sentiments expander pack all make me ohsoveryhappy!! (See also the Yeti Christmas set, and the Woodgrain, and the Project-Life style dies. Great stuff, all.
Xyron Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker, 3-Inch (affiliate link, y’all)

Xyron 3-inch recyclable sticker maker

So here’s the deal: I love Xyron products and I use them daily in my crafting. The only bummer is that the sticker makers haven’t been recyclable. Well, this new 3-inch beauty is! Less plastic in landfills makes my heart sing. So craft to your heart’s content!

Well, there you go- the things that really got ME going. Which of these interests you? I have another CHA swag bag to give away, featuring Paper Cows dies and punches, Taylored Expressions stamps and Dies, Scrapbook Adhesive foam shapes and MUCH MORE! Just leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winer next Saturday, August 24th.

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  1. Kim P. says

    Can’t wait to see what you demo next. I love Craft Test dummies website! I have learned how to use so many new products. Keep up the good work.

  2. Pat Upton says

    Wow! What a great bunch of soon-to-bes! I want them all too! Can’t wait for the silhouette stamp maker! Love them all!

  3. Jenni Malcomb says

    I have 2 fav’s so far… Lid Toppers and the hatpin forms… I am a vintage kinda girl!! lol But I have always loved Jars!!!! Man I wish I could go to these shows and have your job!!!

  4. says

    I haven’t seen most of these products until now, but I’m loving those Mason Jar toppers! I often give canned food to friends, so this will really add something special to those ho-hum jars!! I’m liking those Sizzix dies too as I also make cards for OWH, and Lawn Fawn is always a favorite! TFS!

  5. margret hill says

    I would love the silhouette stamp maker. I am really loving my silhouette and this would be great addition.

  6. NWFlamingo says

    Lovin’ the Sizzix, Lawn Fawn, hat pins… well,geez, it all looks great! I don’t have a Silhouette (yet) but the stamp kit looks nifty if I did.

  7. Debbie says

    Wow, what great products! I too can’t get enough craft stuff! I used to work for a rubber stamp company so I could make my own stamps. If I drew it, I could make a stamp from it. You would THINK I would have gotten into scrapbooking then, but oh no, that bug hit me AFTER I left!!! I love all kinds of crafts, and adore this site because of all the reviews and ideas (and I envy you gals that get products to try out). Keep up the excellent work! I look forward to my CTD emails.

  8. says

    I have been carving my own stamps out of erasers, so I would love to try any custom stamp product. Custom stamps have become an obsession. I am bratty that way. What is available is never good enough; I must have custom. that’s why I can’t enjoy my Cricut. I would encourage all the stampers out there to try out a little old fashioned stamp carving. Its pretty fun.

  9. Caryn S says

    I thought the Spellbinders media mixage hatpins were awesome the minute I saw them!

  10. KItty! says

    I think that stamp maker kit is da bomb! Can’t wait to be able to get my hands on it! :) THanks for giving away another prize!


  11. Laurie Hunt says

    We must be kindred crafters because I certainly am of fan of almost all of what you showed above. I love the xyron dealie, but I don’t quite understand it. I just ran my Cheetah out the other day and I hate that I have to throw that big plastic thing away. Is this a stand alone or refill? I guess I will find out in due time. The sizzix dies, spellbinder’s hat pins (first thing I want to figure out is whether I can cut that pin and make a loop for a charm. That what my first thought when I saw these. I have a TC stamp maker so I was only marginally interested in this, again I need to see it in action.

  12. jengd says

    Great stuff! LOVE those mobile lids- what a fun idea and different from everything else!

  13. Katie Scott says

    My favs so far are the crackle (I use to build theater sets) the groovy Lawn Fawn and of course the 3″ Xyron. I an still fairly new to crafting but smart design gets me every time :-) can’t wait to play with these goodies. Good Luck everyone!

  14. Marilyn H says

    There were so many great products as this last CHA. Love the new crackle medium – may have to try and get my hands on some.

  15. digifigi says

    Silhouette’s stamping starter kit just about pushes me over the edge to acquire the cutter and dump the one I have. The hat pins are fantastic! Imagine adding a few beads to the “stem” for a regular pin or bending the stem to make a pendant.

  16. Vicki B. says

    Oh yeah, Silhouette stamp kit! Oh my, the crackle makes me want to touch it! I’m overflowing with ideas, now to get my hands on some money, lol!

  17. Carla Hundley says

    I want to get the Silhouette stamp
    maker and I love the Xyron
    Disposable/Recyclable Sticker
    Maker, 3-Inch!
    Carla from Utah

  18. says

    Thanks again for more reviews and peeks into new products for us!!! Yes, the custom stamp maker is awesome! Also, I do NOT recycle my xyrons…. I still USE them all lol, but it is great that there is a recyclable option now…. save the planet for our children’s children’s children……. The jar lids are a great idea! Kid friendly as well. The hatpins are beautiful and the crackle paint looks fun. Thanks again for another informative, honest post full of lots of goodies!

  19. Cindy Kotora says

    As much as I like the stamp making kit, alas, I have no Silhouette. (Insert drama queen sad face here). But I really love the look of that crackle paste. It all looks like some fun stuff!

  20. miriam says

    I generally find the look of crackle to be a little tacky but im surprised to really be liking the look of this one!

  21. Victoria Sturdevant says

    I’m totally intrigued by the crackle medium. Thanks for sharing so great products.

  22. Diana Ramsey says

    I love the look of that Kroma crackle- it looks super crackly. Also the hat pins. Back in the late 50’s I used to actually wear big picture hats WITH hat pins- only way to keep them on your head.

  23. Tiffany H says

    Loving the silhouette stamp maker…gotta see that in action, but it looks so promising.

  24. KimMJ says

    The Say Cheese line is just too cute. Also loving the new sizzix and those jar toppers! Thanx so much for sharing. It is great to be able to sit with a cuppa and check out all the new goodies.

  25. Lin M. says

    I think the flip it dies are interesting – I’m going to check those out right now. And I’m with you – I LOVE Xyron and have multiple types of their adhesives – but not the one you’ve shown here – very cool! Thanks for sharing all these great new goodies.
    Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  26. Julie Hulver says

    Would love to see the crackle medium reviewed and the Sizzix A2 dies are very intriguing! Can’t wait for your reviews!

  27. Becki C says

    I love being able to travel through your blog, Jenny…Thank You. I miss not going to CHA any longer and to see the wonderful innovations is too fun. I’d love to play with the new stuff. Thank you for the opportunity of the draw.

  28. Estela K says

    That stamp making set might just be what pushes me over the edge to buy a Cameo!!!

  29. sharon gullikson says

    The hat pins are my favorite.But if I understood what you were saying about Stephanie’s dies, I’m sure I’d love those, too.

  30. Natasha Poteraj says

    Those are all really cute. I like the snow globe sort of display jars. Thanks for the chance…

  31. tiffani says

    I love the Mason jar toppers and the stamp kit. I just started crafting with Mason jars and the toppers look like the perfect accessory/enhancement.

  32. Paulette Akagi says

    Thanks for sharing info on the latest and greatest from CHA. I’d love to win a swag bag of goodies.

  33. marie sierra says

    I really enjoy seeing everything thru your eyes! thank you for sharing!..
    xox marie

  34. MaryBeth Hudson says

    Loving all these new products! Can’t wait to see your demos and product reviews! Excited to see the mason jar toppers and the A2 flip it card dies! Thanks for a chance to in!

  35. kathryn lucas says

    I cant wait to buy the media mixage hat lind. Thanks for showing all the new craft items. Would love to win all the CHA goodies.

  36. Kris says

    How to choose. How to choose! Love the Stamp Making kit, the Kroma Crackke Medium and the Hatpins the best! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Nancy says

    Oh man, how can we choose just one? I’m digging the mason jar toppers. Totally visual here, and love to see all the goodies one can put inside.

  38. Nancy D says

    The jar tops are adorable! I just bought some of the blue collectible jars that would be too cute with a topper like that on them. The hat pins are a keeper too :)

  39. says

    Sizzix thinlits flip it dies look interesting. Hope you’ll be demo-ing them. Looks like lots of lovely goodies on show. Unfortunately I’m guessing that not many of these will filter through to the uk, or if they do it will be ages before they available here. It’s great that you check them out on our behalf though, it’s like a try before you buy. Keep up the good work.

  40. Lynn j. says

    Wow what great things you found. The jar toppers are just plain cuteness. Love watching you on HSN.

  41. Amyscats says

    I’m swooning over everything too. I’ve made custom stamps with my Cricut, but have been considering the Silhouette and stamp making is definitely a good thing. Love, love, love Lawn Fawn – Yeti Christmas is fun. Was never a fan of crackle, though it looked fun to do, but who knew when done right it could look like stained glass and be so pretty? And yes, hatpins! Thanks for all the CTD CHA previews!

  42. Kristi - CbK says

    The stamp making is tops on my list to try. Also the Xyron sticker maker is neat…and of course the new dies….

  43. Cat says

    Kroma Crackle Medium–cannot wait to get my hands on that stuff!! HSN “disappeared” on my TV some months back but I ran across it by accident a few weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing you on HSN again!

  44. Cindy J says

    Well, since I just recently invested in the Silhouette Cameo, I am so interested in you doing a test of the stamp material!!!! And I’m ready to purchase the recyclable Xyron!!!! Yeah yeah yeah!

  45. says

    How do you pick a fave at CHA?!?!?! I went last summer for the first time and I’m pretty darn sure I looked like a fool walking around with my mouth hanging open all day! Thanks for sharing some goodies! You’re so generous!

  46. MARIA SOTO says

    I love your page, and I LOVE everything related to crafting!!! Specially new products, it’s fun experimenting with new things.

  47. Kelly Sasman says

    Oh goodness so many new “gotta have” it’s! Can’t wait until your review of Silhouette’satamp maker kit and the Thinlits Flipits dies!!

  48. karla a says

    Love too much stuff this release, but definitely will be trying that crackle, some Lawn Fawn and Sizzix flip it dies. I am a little wary of the Silouhette stamping kit, the material seems very much like the Cricut stamping material, which ripped and tore rather easy, looking forward to a review of that to see how it holds up. Thanks so much for all the great coverage.

  49. Cynthia says

    I love those hatpins, and I think I have some suitable covers for the tips that may allow me to also use them as scarf pins this winter. My fingers are itching to get at that crackle as well, so many possibilities there!

  50. Carmen says

    Ooo – several goodies in there I want but I think I’m especially excited about the Xyron Disposable/Recyclable Sticker Maker