Introduction to Embossing Paste and Gels for Stencilling


Ever wonder just what Dreamweaver embossing paste is for? Ever hope that there were different  products to use with the same result? Ever want to see a demo in real time and get some good tips?

Well, this is the post for you! I have created this 10-minute mini masterclass to get you started!

Introduction to Embossing Pastes, Gels, and Mediums for Stencilling.


Since this is the kind of content that really benefits from a video explanation, watch the one below.

Any questions? Leave them below! And to see how I used those hearts I created with the Dreamweavers Glossy Paste in red, see this post on my Valentine’s Day card ideas!


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  1. Bonnie says

    You lose video at around 6:26… when you switch to the demonstration… I only get audio after that..

  2. Linda says

    Great demonstration. I’ve bee n confused about getting started with these mediums. Now I am inspired!

  3. Rebecca Bodine says

    I’ve used these mediums for ither things, but not like this. Whenever I complete a collage, I go over all oh it with a semigloss medium. It gives it a more unifide look and then I don’t need to be concerned about matte and shiny as I adpictures or whatever. I’ve used the stencils with embossin powders as well. But I never really understood resist. I’m excited to go back and try these ideas.

  4. Diana says

    Why do you have that racket going on in the background. It is distracting and unnecessary? This is a good video, so I can’t figure out why you would have that noise going on.

  5. says

    Grandmad- hate to tell you, but that racket is going on at your house. The video is quiet! No background noise or music.

  6. Stephnie says

    I have been doing this for years and it is one of my favorite techniques. I was surprised that you didn’t show sprinkling the wet medium with glitter! It holds the glitter to the image like glue! Really beautiful! Try this you will be hooked!! I taught this at a Stampin’ Up! demonstrators class and every one there was hooked, both on the medium and the vinyl stencils! Vinyl stencils will require more care as they can tear when cleaning, so just exercise caution – they work fantastic!

    They even have some metallic colors that are wonderful!! Think Christmas! Yes some eye catching designs are rolling through your mind I am sure! This is one for everyone at any level of expertise – everyone will be successful at this!! Do try it! Really! Have fun, think cards, scrapbooking pages, wall art, wall borders, decorative tiles, etc…. You are only limited by your own imagination! Have fun!!

  7. Carmen Lucero says

    Can you also add acrylic paint to the molding paste – Will it change the color? Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it very much!


    Carmen L

  8. calamityjane says

    Great video Jenny!! I’ve always wondered what was up with the stencils & paste. Now I know!! I also like it and think I will have to venture into another medium!

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