Husking Hoops and Loops Kit from Quilled Creations


I was sent the Husking Hoops and Loops kit from Quilled Creations to review.  I will tell you all right now that I am a husking and quilled paper novice.  But I have wanted to try my hand at it for so long.  I eagerly jumped right into my kit.

The Quilled Creations website states:

Husking Hoops & Loops Kit
Husking is a unique technique that loops quilling paper around straight pins to form stunning patterns. Try it and you’ll be an expert after your first piece! This kit includes over 20 different patterns, 6 color coded templates, a husking board, rustproof pins AND a rainbow pack of two-tone paper!

The package stated that this is “the complete guide to learning the husking technique”.  Inside the package was:

  • Husking corkboard
  • Design instructions
  • 6 different husking templates
  • 2 “create your own” templates
  • Rainbow pack of AF/LF two-tone quilling paper
  • 10 rustproof pins

The designs that are included are illustrated below plus there are instructions on how to use these designs together to create a dragon fly, butterfly, and 5 petal flower.  These are also ideas, tips, and tricks on how to make the designs your own including pinching, shaping, and filling with quilled pieces.

A few things that the kit mentions you will need that are not included are craft glue, needle tool (for applying glue), and scissors.  I ended up trying various glues and ended up on plain Elmer’s school glue.  It really did give me the best results.  I actually used one of the straight pins included to help me place to the glue and hold the paper.  Another thing they recommend in the kit is that you cover your templates with wax paper or a plastic sheet to protect them from glue.  I used plastic wrap over my templates while working.

I made a variety of the kit designs and each were very simple to master with the instructions and the templates provided.  I did not have any trouble with any of the kit designs.

I decided to try the tips for creating a custom design to go on a wood flower cut out.

You can find complete instructions for this one on my blog The Country Chic Cottage today.  Here is my final flower design.

I ended up using some custom husking and also some of the kit design shapes on this one project.

Now for a few more projects where I used the included husking designs.  There is a heart template that I thought was adorable.

I added that to a sweet gift tag.

I then decided to make a tag for Christmas as well.  There is a variety of templates for rectangles and squares in the kit.  I thought stacking those looked like a stack of presents.

I then added a design I thought looked similar to a bow to the top.

I would recommend this kit to anyone that would like to learn about husking.  This kit is perfect for beginners.  It is easy to follow and understand.  The instructions are clear and detailed.  I believe anyone can get a clear understanding of the husking technique from this kit.  So break out your quilling paper and open up this kit soon!

Disclosure: sample provided for review purposes.

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  1. Rebecca Bodine says

    I’m so glad to see this! I bought some quilling strips, and there were a few instuctions. It didn,t use the board though, so I was not successful. I’ll look for this. Thanks.

  2. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing) says

    I like it! I will need to go see your tutorial to find out how you make it stay like that, but it reminds me of string art (remember that from the 70’s?).

  3. jeannie vitanza says

    thanks for showing the art of husking hoops and loops. i have been creating with the quilling method for many years. it is one of the least expensive and easily learned skills i have ever come across. i have begun to see a bit more advertising of the method, which i think is great!! i think that it is one of the easiest practices to teach your children at a young age. it will be something they can use for the rest of their lives, making both sweet and simple cards to begin and then moving into beautiful artistic projects. i have already gotten to my nephews, now 12 and 15, who have actually kept up the craft from the ages of 5 and 6. i now have my 3 year old niece to teach, and she is so bright that i will probably start working with her next year.

    so anyway, thanks again for this posting. i have to get back to my quilling snowflakes for the tree. well actually several trees, family likes to use them and refuse to learn to do them by themselves. lol.

    p.s. i agree, the best glue to use is Elmer’s, or whatever the schools are calling it these

    Much Love and be kind to each other.

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