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Hello, Crafty Friends! I just got back from my most recent appearance on HSN representing the 3 Birds Estate Collection. I shared some photos and behind-the-scenes action as it happend on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but just in case you missed it, I wanted to share here, too.


My trips are whirlwind and I forget to take pictures-but the process of preparing for live TV is actually pretty cool.

First, did you know that some of the on-air guests (like me) are responsible for setting up the table displays? Oddly enough, setting up the table feels more stressful to me than actually talking about it on air. You have to get the product, grab a table, unpack it, get risers and stands from the warehouse, and set everything up to be pretty.

Because I do demos on air, I need to have three zones: one for the product as you get it in the package, areas for finished samples to be displayed, and then a place to have my “kits” ready so that I can craft on air. This is what the table looked like for the Vintage All-Occasion Card Kit.


(PS- if you click that link you can see both the product information AND there is a little icon that says “Video” where you can watch me doing the full presentation!)

Here’s the table set up for Quilled Treasures Card Kit V.2. You all know I love quilling and just shared a Bottle Cap Ring tutorial using some of these supplies. If you look, you can see that again there is the product spread out on the table, finished samples (made by the company, I cannot take any credit for those amazing creations) and the little zone to demo in. It kind of reminds me of home: no matter how big my table is, I always work in an area that is 12X12 because of all of the clutter on the table!!!


So when your segment is coming up, they roll the tables into the studio and line them up. The studio for crafting is a huge space- about the size of a smallish school gym- and there are actually 4 or five selling zones set up. The cameras are in the middle alond with the monitors. There are usually 5 or 6 cameras, too, including one just for the host and one just for the guest, one set up to catch both of us in a wide shot, and and overhead camera to get demos.

In this next picture I was standing by my table & waiting for the Today’s Special to finish up. (They get their own space that has the set all prettied up because they go back to filming there throughout the day.) Sandi Genovese was next up an her table is in position, and she was chatting with Melinda McKinsey who was going to be demoing the Craftwell eClips.

Choosing what to wear is kind of tricky, too. No small stripes or patterns, no white, refrain from pastels (bold colors are better with those mega-watt lights) and of course accessories that are nice to look at but don’t distract the viewer from the product.

I saw an amazing necklace on my Crafty BFF Vicki O’Dells Etsy shop with crowns, keys, pearls and crystals set on a gunmetal-finish chains. I love the play of matte and sparkle and bought it right away.

Jenny in Vicki's Necklace

By the way, taking a self-photo with your smartphone in a mirror is harder than it looks! But dang, I love this necklace.

Anyway, when you are all made up with your hairs did and your table set, often there is just a lot of waiting around to do. HSN provides each guest with a green room (usually you share with another guest on in the same hour) and there is a fridge stocked with different soft drinks and water. They also have a coffee machine with tea, baskets of snacks, a make-up mirror for touch-ups, and even an iron/board and steamer for last minute wardrobe issues.

I ate the dinner of champions while waiting there:


You can watch what is live on HSN on the monitors in the room…but I spend some of that time trying to send emails (it’s tough to get a signal in there) and trying to upload Instagram photos.

Speaking of photos- and friends who take them for you, my new friend from CHA Tanner Bell took this still of me on camera:

hsn dinner


And Vicki grabbed these:

Jenny on HSN2-001 Jenny on HSN3-001Yup, that’s me making a funny face mid-sentence.

PS- if you’d like so see this whole presentation, you can see the Foil Paperie Papercraft Kit and then click the video icon under the product picture. The Vintage Rub-On Kit also has my live on-air presentation, too. 

I also got to catch up with industry friend and amazing designer Claudine Hellmuth over lunch, and then had dinner with Sandi. (Did you know that she is producing FREE shows on her Scrapbook Showgram on the web? You should click over and see some free episodes!

My last airing got pulled- after all, it is live TV- so I appreciated the extra time to properly pack up the tables, get the samples boxed and put into storage, and pack myself up before leaving for the airport at 6am. Considering that I slept a total of 10 hours in 2 days, I needed some rest!

By the way, every single person I interfaced with, from the front desk folks to the sound guys to the salon makeup artists were all so kind and friendly.  Working with such a wonderful company (3 Birds Designs is amazing), and even the well-run-organized-chaos that is live TV and HSN. I’m so grateful for the experience!

I’m looking forward to heading back at the end of this month (February 28, 2013) to share some more great products. Check HSN’s program guide for approximate times, and you’ll even see my name as the “guest” if you are looking to watch my segments.)



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  1. Dee in NH says

    Fun! Will have to watch when I get a minute…Grand daughters on way…Love that you here too as I don’t have Facebook or any of that other stuff. Thanks!!

  2. calamityjane says

    Love that you enjoy ding this so much. Plus it’s fun to read/learn about being on “live TV” since most of us won’t get that chance!! I really like your hair in these episodes AND that necklace…to die for!! Thanks for sharing again!

  3. Cathy Graves says

    I actually caught you on air at night and I thought you did an awesome job representing 3 Birds!! Congratulations…glad to hear you’ll be going back. I knew you’d be great because of the quality of your videos!

  4. Mary Ann in Dallas says

    I did catch your appearances in HSN—you did a great job and I’m looking forward to seeing you again later this month. Thanks for the heads-up on upcoming HSN craft presentations…you are a superb addition to HSN’s “guest” presenters and 3 Birds should be happy to have you on their team.

  5. Rebecca says

    I don’t get to watch you on HSN, but I always go to HSN on the computer and check out 3 birds.


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