How-To: Reusable Candle Wraps featuring May Arts Ribbon


I have a lot of candles around my home; in the kitchen, living room, bedroom- even the hallway! Sometimes I try to buy new candles for the seasons, but often they just sit there looking tired. So I decided to “dress” my candles for the seasons by making re-usable wraps featuring May Arts Ribbon.

Now I can swap out the wraps for a seasonal look without breaking the bank. And because they are small, I can store them to use next year, too!

Here’s how I did it. You’ll only need basic supplies like:

  • May Arts Ribbon– 2-3 kinds, only a foot of each!
  • Hot Glue Gun and sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun Helpers to protect your work surface and fingers (optional)
  • Scraps of paper, silk flowers, even old keys
  • Old/tired candles
  • Pearl Straight Pins
I started with a collection of candles that I use now-and-then…some are in may “in case the lights go out” box.


I really like the layered look, so I added some mini pom-pom trim to a wider chevron pattern. I found that it works better if you add the top ribbon by layering it on top of the fringe. A little dab of hot glue works great.

You can also fussy-cut some of the trims down to smaller components. I took the leaf trim and make individual leaves from it.

I also added a bit of trim to some punched circles from paper scraps to layer on.

Because more is clearly more.

Originally, I tried using velcro tabs to hold the ends together. But that was really bulky and didn’t account for using the wrap on different-sized candles. So I came up with a far simpler option- just fold over one end and use 3 glass-head pins to secure!

Now I can swap out the look of my candles without spending wads of cash- and I can reuse these year after year.

I really like the funky look of this one. It’ll look great in our hearth room.

 OH! I have one last tip for you. If you want to preserve the shape of your “pricey” candles and want to avoid the curling of the top (or even want to keep your candles without using them up), try burning them down just enough to place a tealight candle inside.

Ta-Da! Now you can burn your candle and keep it too, so to speak.

I love my fancy candle wraps made using May Arts Ribbon. I think I’m going to dress up some dollar-store candles like this and give them as hostess gifts. Let me know if you might try this idea- I’d love to hear from you!

This post was generously sponsored by May Arts Ribbon. All ideas and opinions are my own! 

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  1. Tracy says

    I was loving the wraps and then you through in the tip for the tea light! What a fabulous simple idea!
    Thanks I love it.

  2. Lora says

    CAN NOT WAIT to try this!!! Love, Love, LOVE, the idea of being able to change them out with the holiday or decor!!!

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