How-To: Quilled Shamrock Card for Saint Patrick’s Day


Despite my Irish heritage, we don’t go all-out for Saint Patirick’s Day at my house. Yes, there will be green yogurt for breakfast and gold coins at snacktime, but really it’s pretty low-key. However, I do like to make little cards for my kids telling them how lucky I feel to be their mom.  This year, I’m putting quilled paper shamrock on the front.

To make each shamrock, you’ll need :

  • two strips of dark green quilling paper
  • two strips of light green quilling paper
  • white glue
  • quilling tool and/or toothpick
  • quilling sizer is optional

Start off by ripping the lengths of quilling paper in half. Try to do so at an angle, as it decreases the bulk at the seam. Use a dot of white glue and let dry.

Then, using your quilling tool, roll the paper up. Let it unspool a little until it’s the size of a nickel. Use a dab of glue to keep the spiral at that size. If you have a sizing tool, place it in there with a pin as shown. Add a dab of glue and let it dry.

When you have three spirals, it’s time to make the leaves. First you pinch the spiral with the bulk of the coil between your thumb and forefinger.

Then- this is fun part- mash the rounded bit on the table, like this:

You can make the leaves pointier if you like, by making a “v” on the side you just mashed on the table. I like my leaves to look like this:

To make the card, I first applied a gold seal to my card front. Then I glued the three leaves down, and added a lightly curled scrap strip to make the stem.

I like the touch of gold, but that’s up to you. It’s fun to whip these up. Ohh… how about one on a circle for a cupcake decoration?

Get creative and have fun!

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