How-To: Quilled Hearts Jewelry


It’s that time of year again- when we all wear our hearts on our sleeve…or ears….or hands…. or lapel! Time to make and wear some really cut Valentine’s Day jewelry…this year, I’m integrating one of my favorite paper crafts: QUILLING!

Never fear, friends! It’s easy and Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Silver Glitter Formula makes it durable and SPARKLY!
Quilled hearts Valentine's Day jewelry tutorial from

You’ll need:

To make the hearts, you’ll need 2 different color of quilling strips. To make the larger ones, you’ll need 1/2 a strip of light and 1/2 a strip of a darker color. to make the minis, it’s 1/4 glued to 1/4th.

Rip your quilling strips to the approximate size you need, then use a dab of glue to join them as shown below.

Quilled Hearts Tutorial

Next, use your quilling tool and make a spiral starting with the light-colored end. Once you finish your coil, place it in the sizing tool to make sure you have nice, uniform spirals. For the small hearts, I used size 5 as shown below. For the larger ones, I used size 2.

Quilled Hearts Tutorial


Use a dab of white glue to secure the ends of the spiral. They only need a minute or so to dry. Then you can pinch them into a teardrop shape.

Quilled Hearts Tutorial

Join the two teardrops together to make a heart, using another dab of white glue. Just a little dab, mind you!

I made you a little video showing you how to make a quilled heart:

Next, get your bottlecaps ready by using a drop of MPDM in the bottom of the bottle cap. Then add your paper (I liked the black because it made the silver glitter shine like mad!)

Quilled Hearts Tutorial


Add some more MPDM on top and spread it around with a toothpick.

Quilled Hearts Tutorial


Now you can place your quilled heart right in the middle and it will be held fast by the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.



Lastly, you can add a bit of MPDM on top with your finger or a paintbrush to make it a little more protected.

How to make quilled heart jerwelry.


Let it dry thoroughly, and you’ve got a cute necklace or pin. Or, if you’ve made the smaller ones, you can make earrings, cufflinks, or even rings.


Quilled Hearts Jewelry




And if you don’t have a quilling tool, never fear! In this video I show you how to make your own.

Happy Crafting, friends!

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  1. Mixed Kreations says

    Love the quill hearts. I have never tried any Quilling before. But will have to add it to my crafts to try list. Can make some very interesting pieces. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. Pinning and sharing on my blog.



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