How To: Make “Last Minute” Ornaments- Great as Gifts!


Ever realize that you need  a little gift for a teacher, hostess, or neighbor- like RIGHT NOW? Well, if you’ve got some alcohol ink and plain ceramic ornaments, you can whip up a giftable ornament in no time. That’s why I’m calling these my Last Minute Ornaments!

I made you this video to show you exactly how, in real time. SUPER fast and easy!


There you go! Have fun and happy crafting!


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  1. Rebecca Bodine says

    I REALLY like this idea! I’m a Baha’i and so don’t celibrate Cristmas, BUT so often at school teachers exchange gifts. This gives me something nice to make and give away, either as singles or set, tha is not costly but more personal. Thanks so much for the idea.

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