How-To: Craft a Hanging Scissors Organizer from Recycled Neckties



Make a Scissors Organizer from old neckties. Functional and thrifty!


Hooray! Today we have a guest post from a lady I totally admire for her recycled crafting mission! Thank you Becky for being our guest today on CTD & sharing a totally practical and CUTE craft using recycled neckties. Take it away… 

Hi there! My name is Becky Striepe, and I am a freelance writer and vegan crafter who’s life’s mission is to make green crafting and vegan food accessible to everyone! You can find my craft projects and recipes on my site, Glue and Glitter. I am super excited to share a project today to help you organize your craft room!

If you sew, chances are you have a a pair of paper scissors for every day and another pair of cherished fabric scissors that you never ever want to touch a scrap of paper. Nothing’s more annoying in the middle of a craft project than not being able to find the scissors you need. This hanging scissor organizer helps you keep your paper and fabric scissors in check and makes it easy to grab the right ones without breaking your stride.


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1. Remove the paper tube from the hanger, and set aside the wire part of the hanger to use in another project. You can paint the paper tube at this point, if you want or leave it off white.

2. Cut the fat ends of your neckties off, so that you have two 10″ long pieces of tie, like this:

3. This step is optional, depending on how your ties are constructed. Try to stick your hand into the tie. If you can, then you can skip this step. If the tie is sewn closed down its length, you’ll need to use your seam ripper to open it up, then re-sew it the open sides closed again, right sides in. Flip your tie right side out, and you’re all set. Repeat with the other tie, if necessary. You can discard any interfacing that was inside of the tie when you cut it, or save it for another project.

4. It’s time to finish the bottoms of your scissor holders! Tuck the unfinished flat edges under by 1/2″, iron, pin, and use coordinating thread to sew that opening closed.

5. Time to make your labels! With your pinking shears, cut out two pieces of the light colored scrap fabric that are 2″ X 1″. Use the permanent marker to write “paper” on one and “fabric” on the other in your best handwriting. I found that this was easiest if I taped the fabric to the table to keep it from moving.

6. Use your fabric glue to stick the labels to each tie.

7. The ties are going to hang from the cardboard tube you rescued from that hanger. To attach them, place your tie on top of the tube and wrap the pointy-sticky-uppy-bit at the top around the tube, pinning that flap to the back of the tie. Repeat with the other tie, then sew those loops closed right where you pinned. You want to back stitch a bunch of times to make this really secure, since this is going to bear the weight of your scissors.

8. Once they’re sewn, slide your tie holders back onto the cardboard tube, and use your serrated knife to cut the tube down to a size that looks good with them both on there. The, cut yourself a 20″ piece of twine, slide the twine through the cardboard tube, tie the loose ends in a knot, and you’re ready to hang! If you want, you can hide the knot by working it into the tube.




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  1. says

    Looking for craft room organization ideas, so cute! Probably better for the scissors too than leaving them in my messy drawer with other sharp tools 😉

  2. Evelyn says

    Ribbon would be nice instead of twine. Just another option. This is a very cute idea.

  3. ladona says

    I love this project especially the fact that it not just seperated but also labelled and if the person forgot which is which there is a cloth tied around the fabric scissors.


  1. […] A more ingenious solution would be to try a more inventive DIY project. For example, you can turn some old neckties into storage spaces for your office supplies. It’s simple and quite fun to make them too. Besides the ties you will also need a clothes hanger, fabric scissors, seam ripper, an iron, some thread and solid colored scrap fabric, a permanent marker and fabric glue.{pictures from iheartorganizing and crafttestdummies}. […]

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