How To: Craft a Chic Bib Necklace from Fabric Scraps


Today I’ve got a show-stopper statement piece that I designed for It was originally featured in their downloadable Jewelry eBook, available by clicking HERE.

Bold is IN- and you’ll make a statement with this stunning bib! I used black stones, but you could use any color that matches your outfit.

You will need:

Start by making 4-6 fabric roses (click here to see the original flower tutorial):

I don’t like to cut with scissors, so I start by ripping strips of fabric- plus, i like the raw, thready edges. But you could use scissors, a rotary cutter, or even pinking shears to get different looks. Experiment! Then cut some circles (or flower shapes) from your felt. I made a number of 2-4 inch shapes with my Cuttlebug because it’s so fast and easy, and the Nestabilities cut the stiffened felt beautifully. I like the stiff felt because it makes such a nice base for your flowers!

Start by gluing your jewel or rhinestone into the center of your felt circle. (I think these ones by Darice are amazing!) Next, trim the end of your fabric strip at an angle.

Next, place a dab of hot glue next to the jewel and press the point of the fabric strip into it. Let it cool and set up a bit. When it’s secure, start twisting the strip. Add a dab of glue every quarter inch or so, and press the twisted fabric into the glue.

 Continue until the felt is completely covered. To secure the ends, just flip the flower over, trim the excess, and glue the ends down on the back:

When the flowers are finished, arrange them on your second piece of felt in a teardrop shape, as shown:

Hot glue your roses down onto the felt, and add extra marquise gems to fill in some of the gaps, if desired. When it is cool, use your scissors to cut the shape out.  Then hot glue the ribbon to the underside of the pointy end of the teardrop.

To prepare that black chain to attach, cut it apart as shown:

Sew the shorter length of chain to the top of the roses portion using needle and thread. Sew the longer part of the chain to the lower portion of the bib, leaving a 4-link “dangle.” Use a coordinating 7.25 mm jump ring to attach both loose pieces of chain in the back, and re-attach the lobster claw clasp before closing the jump ring

To finish it off, open a jump ring and slide on the extender that was left over from the chain. Now, put on your piece and determine how you’d like it to hang on your body.  (I just tried it on and pinched the ribbon where I determined that it was the right length.) Fold the ribbon over, slide on the jump ring, and use a few stitches to secure. You’ll still have some flexibility with the extender to accommodate different necklines.

And there you have it – a unique, bold and beautiful statement piece!

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  1. Carmen Lucero says

    How easy was that!! I wish I could wear it, but being only 4′ 11″ it would drown me – I’m sure it will look great on you!

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny!


    Carmen L

  2. Danielle says

    Hallo Jenny

    I love it , so very beautiful, good Idear …

    thank you so much, have a good day to you..

  3. says

    Awesome! I love it. The flowers are so great. I am thinking of lots of fun ways to use them.. Can’t wait to try it…Thank you for the directions.


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