How-To: Carve a Stamp to Make “Tooth Fairy” Stationery


Oh, the things we parents do for our children. Recently we’ve had a run of lost teeth, and I feel like you have to do something really special to mark this right of childhood. For the littler one, who still believes, it keeps the magic alive. For the older one, who is in the know- well, it let’s him know he’s special, too.

When I was caught under-prepared the other night, I ran up and carved a quick stamp to make some stationery to write little tooth-fairy notes upon. I only needed a dollar-store eraser and my Speedball carving tool, and about 15 minutes. Really! Here’s how I did it!

Draw a tooth and a crown with pencil on your eraser. I drew mine free-hand and like the “primitive” look.

Color in the part you want to carve away. In this case, I wanted the tooth to show up as “negative” space, or appear white with a colored frame around it. That means I carve away the tooth and crown, leaving the frame intact.

Carving in progress. I like the primitive look, so I didn’t bother to carve every little part out-I left some “lines” to create texture. You can always ink up your stamp, do a test stamping, then decide if you want to carve more away.

When you ink up the stamp, you can really see the details emerge.

Ta-Da! Instant stationery!

Our fairy is fond of writing notes on little scrolls, wrapped in baker’s twine and tucked into a pocket with some coins.

However, I’m pretty sure the next time she’s going to leave these cute little note cards! And the little envelopes are great for some paper money, and you can write the note on the outside.

What is YOUR “Tooth Fairy” tradition?

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    This is an awesome idea! My friend’s daughter is at the age where the main topic of conversation is “wiggly teeth”. I think I’ll made a few of these cards for my friend. The going rate for a tooth at her house… five dollars!! Quite the inflated price from the quarter of my youth.

  2. says

    That is so nice of you to made cards for your friend’s daughter- you are a GREAT friend!! And as for the $$– five bucks is too rich for my taste. Our Tooth Fairy hands out $2 bills (yes, you can still get them) and 2 $1 gold coins. : )


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