How-To: Beaded Napkin Rings for your Thanksgiving Table


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I just realized that I don’t have ANY napkin rings for my Thanksgiving Dinner table- so I got out some supplies that I had on hand, and I’m whipping these up in a jiffy. Bonus- you can give them to the gals as bracelets to wear after the meal is done!

You’ll need:

I used Memory Wire bracelets because I had them in my jewelry-making stash- but you also could any gold craft wire that’s 18 or 22 gauge.

Start off by cutting your Memory Wire coils. You need 2 “loops” for each ring. Separate the wire and cut with the wire cutters. Trust me, this wire is STRONG and it will KILL your scissors. Ask me how I know.

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Next, using your pliers, form a small loop at one end of the wire. It’ll keep the beads from falling off and make a nice place to hang some dangles.

scorenapkinbanner 025Now, start stringing your beads. I went kind of random- a 3-5 beads, then a cluster of 2 leaf beads, all the way around. You can make a pattern if you like, or keep it serendipitous. You can even get your kids to help.

Wait! I just had a brainstorm! This would actually be a fun craft activity to keep the kids (or teens or Aunt Lou)  busy while they’re waiting for the dinner. Then they could take it home to wear or re-gift to teachers, etc.

Ok, on with the craft. Once you get it all strung up, simply make another loop at the open end.

To make a dangle, string 3-5 leaf beads on a jump ring, then thread the ring through a loop, and close.

scorenapkinbanner 026So there it is- quick, festive, and a two-fer! Enjoy!

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