CTD Gift Guide: Holiday Gifts Fiber Artists


As a handknitting designer, knitting book publisher and magazine editor, I see a LOT of knit-related products in a given year. These, however, are the ultimate wish list!

Stocking-stuffers- $15 or less

Kniterella gift tags

Kniterella handmade gift tags by Jill Zielinski. These, and their stylish notecard counterpoints will add the finishing touch AND just the right message to that hand knit gift you spent so much time making. $4.95 and up.

Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl

Eucalan Wrapture by Kristin Omdahl. Designer Omdahl adds her own spin to this fine fiber wash with a sensual night blooming jasmine scent. $13 for 16.9 oz.

Splityarn t-shirts. $11.90 and up. From the mind of knit designer and knit photographer extraordinaire Caro Sheridan. Customize your own message, color and fit! (Keep an eye on her regular shop for fantastic knitting bags worthy of your finest). Or if you’re feeling the need to take an online class, check out her Craftsy class Shoot It!, a primer for knit and craft photography.
Mid-Range Gifts- $75 or less

Knit, Swirl

Knit, Swirl by Sandra McIver. This independently-published book has been flying off shelves everywhere and with good reason! The designs inside work with any kind of yarn and suit all body types and sizes.

Nightfall Fibro Fibers

Nightfall worsted weight yarn from Fibro Fibers. $26 for worsted weight; various prices for other weights. Finally, a thicker-weight Nightfall! This amazing yarn shades from black out to a range of lovely colors, lending a special touch to any pattern.

Needle gauge pendant, various types, from Debra’s Garden. $16 and up.


Luxe Gifts- $75 and UP

Pound of Sock Yarn from Cephalopod Yarns. Love colorwork? Each bag includes several underweight skeins (<4 ounces each, 4-5 skeins in each bag) dyed in Cephalopod’s ‘experimental’ colors from their testing phases in Traveller, Skinny Bugga! and Bugga!

A fibery getaway at The Harveyville Project. $395 and up. Photos above are from Mitten School with Hello Yarn‘s Adrian Bizilia; other options include Yarn School, Felt School, dye labs and sometime in 2013, a retreat with Annie Modesitt.

Strauch Mad Batt’r drum carder. $720 (and up, with motorized attachment). A beautiful and functional drum carder for creating amazing spinning batts, perfect for the spinner or felter in your life. I have one, and I adore it!

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