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This projects was something of a lark- Stacy made her fabulous Tower Of Hearts centerpiece, and she had all of these lids left over. I couldn’t let them go to waste, now, could I?? So I used up all of HER leftovers and made some cute wall hangings for next to nothing!

Supply List:

  • Lids from Nesting Hearts paper mache box set (but you could use left over heart-shaped candy box lids, too.)
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Loose silk rose petals
  • Wired floral leaves
  • Acrylic Rhinestones
  • Red Ribbon for hanging
  • Ranger Alcohol Inks (optional)
  • Dual Temp Glue Gun & Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun Helpers (optional, but handy!)
  • Foam Brush

Paint the edges

This is so simple and easy! Start off by painting the edge of your lid- mine was brown paper mache, and I wanted it to be red and festive. But you could use any color that matches your decor. Let that dry.

Use wire cutters to trim off that extra leaf wire

When you glue gun gets to temperature, glue on 3 leaves at on the bottom left of your lid, and two more at the top right. Let the leaves hang over the edge of the lid a little bit.

Feb09 010Starting around the edge, lay down some glue and then place a rose petal on. You’ll want them to just kiss the edge and overlap a little. (This is how a lazy crafter gets away with not painting the whole top!!) Work around the whole outside edge. When you get all the way around, you’ll start a second row. This one will overlap a little on the first, covering the bottom edges of the first row of petals. Continue in this manner until the whole lid is covered.

Feb09 014

Using your glue mat to protect your work surface, drop 3-5 drops of red alcohol ink on the rhinestone to tint it red.  I like the “pop” of color, but you can keep it clear, or tint it another color that suits you. The inks dry quickly, in 3-4 minutes- but make sure it is- you don’t want any red ink on those pretty petals! Then just hot glue that rhinestone right in the middle of the petals.  It does a nice job of covering up those last few edges.

Just a few drops do the trick!Just a few drops do the trick!

Lastly, make a loose bow with your ribbon (I used a bit of twist-tie to keep it’s shape) and then hot-glue on the top of your heart. A little more glue attaches a longer piece to use for hanging!

My CBFF (that’s Crafty Best Friend Forever) Vicki O’Dell shared this project on her blog, too- she used a recycled heart-shaped candy box for hers. It’s so sweet & features a rosebud in the middle of hers.

Such a sweet and simple addition to your holiday decor! Happy crafting….

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