Happy Birthday to ME- the Week in Review ending 3/24/12


So, yea- it was my birthday this week. Since the actual day was Tuesday, it was pretty low-key. I got a nice dinner with my family, and my CBFF (and #TeamCTD member) Vicki O’Dell made the trek up to see me the day after and give me some wonderful homemade gifties.

Here's the gift box- it's an upcycled Viactiv container! (Yes, I take them AND I introduced Vicki to them, too.)

The box contained THREE handmade presents- two pairs of earrings and this sweet "artist" necklace!

I’m so lucky. Home-made gifts are the BEST!

Now, on to the Week in Review!

Now, last week we had a giveaway sponsored by the nice folks at Artterro…. and the winner is…

Lisa M. From Brooklyn!

Yay for her! I still encourage you all to go visit Artterro’s Kickstarter campaign. They’ve got about $2K raised so far….and if you pledge to help (and the campaign is funded,)  you can get some great kits as a premium! Think if it this way- you can buy some high-quality kits AND help a great Eco-friendly, mom-owned company. It’s win-win.

Did you miss any of these great reviews?

And HEY- don’t miss my instructions for making this Crystal Pearl Prayer bracelet….

AND we also have a giveaway…. you can win a Purple Cow prize pack if you click over to this post.

So…. that was MY week….how was yours?


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  1. Dee in NH says

    A heartfelt belated Happy Birthday wish from me! Hope you had an awesome day filled with the love of your family and friends! I so love the special jewelry you got from your sweet friend!

  2. says

    Happy birthday!! My week was really good. I turned 40 two weeks ago and I’ve been celebrating by doing 40 New Things. I’ve had a blast! I’ve done 12 already and it’s been so much fun.


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