Halloween Crafting Roundup


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Hear that? It’s Halloween approaching! And if you wanna get some fun Halloween crafts FINISHED before the 30th, it’s time to get cracking! Here are some great crafts from great crafters to get you inspired:

Jen Perkins Spooky Shrine

Jen Perkin's Spooky Shrine

Jennifer Perkins at The Naughty Secretary Club blog has a super-cute shrine craft (which is actually a kit by the Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo.)

Shrine Prize Goodies!

Shrine Prize Goodies!

Speaking of Kathy, she’s giving away some goodies over at Ilovetocreate with a shrine contest! Youcan read the details here.

Margot Potters Design

Margot Potter's Design

And speaking of Ilovetocreate, they tapped Margot Potter to make this super-cute Halloween invite, complete with step-outs so you can make it yourself!

Vickie Howells Doodle design

Vickie Howell's Doodle design

And if you are still groovin’ on my baby onesies from a few days ago, you’ll be inspired by Vickie Howell’s doodle embroidery designs over on Craft. Soooooper Cute!

Recycle Crafting at its best!

Recycle Crafting at it's best!

Over at Crafting a Green World, I found a party favor box made from a recycled toilet paper tube. Hooray for recycling! (‘Cuz you know the second the candy is out of this box the kids are just gonna toss ’em in the trash!) Thrifty AND cute…

My Very Own...

My Very Own...

Lastly, here’s my very OWN Halloween craft, Festive Juice Box Sleeves What school party would be complete without these tricked-out juice boxes? Sure, I posted it last year, but it’s worth doing again. Read the entire post here.

OK, peeps- happy crafting!

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