Guest Review: 100 Snowflakes to Crochet by Caitlin Sainio


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Text from book:

“Bring the magic of a fresh snowfall into your own home with this gorgeous collection of crocheted snowflakes. Spend an hour making an ornament or two, or take a weekend and crochet a whole blizzard.”

Book Details:

  • 128 glossy pages
  • Soft cover
  • Colorful, detailed, full-sized photos along with detailed stitch charts for each snowflake pattern
  • Broken into sections: Section 1 – The Basics, Section 2 – Snowflake Showcase, Section 3 – Snowflake Patterns, Section 4 – Projects
  • Extra covered in Basics – The Structure of Snowflakes – creating your own patterns
  • Extra covered in Basics – Crochet Refresher Course: includes information that beginners to advanced find helpful
  • Extra covered in Basics – Blocking and stiffening how-to along with blocking diagram
  • Snowflake Patterns divided into Easy, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Cost – $21.99 ($24.99 Can)

Images from inside the book:



I always like to have cute gift tags on hand, especially around the holidays. So when I saw the snowy cards I knew I had to make some. I created the “Nevada” easy snowflake (page 46) in 30 minutes. The “Polar Glacier” easy snowflake (page 46) also took 30 minutes to crochet. The “Snow Moon” intermediate snowflake (page 72) was crocheted in 40 minutes. These snowflakes are cute, quick and easy to stitch up with size 10 crochet thread and a size 5 hook. I used the water blocking technique for these snowflakes explained in Section 1 – The Basics. The snowflakes are still soft but in nice shape. Adhesive dots were used to attach the snowflakes to the cardstock tags. They will be a lovely addition to any holiday gift or plate of cookies this winter.

I have always loved the look of hanging snowflakes as ornaments so I couldn’t wait to make my own. The “Nevada” easy snowflake (page 46) is pretty and quick to make, 30 minutes. “Ice Feathers” is an advanced snowflake (page 93) that is a little larger but still frilly. It took an hour to stitch this snowflake. Both of these will look perfect decorating a tree, dangling from a mantle or in any winter décor. I used fabric stiffener to block these. The result is a stiff, almost hard snowflake that should be good for hanging year after year.

The snowflakes in this book inspire me to crochet my own blizzard on those chilly evenings. I really like the sections of the book. The Basics covers information in a easy to understand way for beginners and is a great refresher for intermediate to advanced. The Snowflake Showplace is a nice way to compare the scale of these snowflakes to one another. I was really impressed with the pattern section. The easy patterns together, the intermediate and the advanced patterns make it simple for anyone to find a snowflake they can crochet. The individual patterns are easy to ready, clear instructions with a full sized photo of the completed snowflake and a stitch chart. The stitch chart can be very helpful, especially with all the chains and picots that are on a few snowflakes. The projects are do-able and fun. I am looking forward to making the “Blizzard Scarf” when the “Lace Crochet Thread” I ordered arrives.

100 Snowflakes to Crochet is worth the price if you enjoy crocheting, like to decorate for the holidays or just like winter. Whether your crochet level is beginner, intermediate or advanced this book is just right.


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