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Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary LangHi!! My name is Christine and I am the Host of Scrap Time!! Today I am here at Craft Test Dummies to share a review with you on the book ‘Wee Wonderfuls’ by Hillary Lang!

I love Handmade Dolls!! I had a pile of my daughter’s clothing and I though instead of giving it away, I would use the fabric to make my own dolls! I then came across this book, ‘Wee Wonderfuls‘ by Hillary Lang and I was immediately drawn to the pictures on the cover so I ordered it from a Canadian Book seller. When it arrived I was so excited to get started!

The book has great colourful pictures of the finished projects. As well, there is step by step instructions, plus diagrams to give you a visual on what you should be doing! I loved that the patterns were at the back of the book and you just needed to trace them out onto paper. No photocopying or resizing necessary!



Cute Dolly

Cute Dolly

The first doll I made was the Tag Along Doll. Hillary lists the fabrics to use. She uses a lot of wool felt. Since I was using Gemma’s old clothing, I changed some of the fabrics, including using a cotton for her face and cord for her hair. As well, the dolls dress is made using the hem of one of Gemma’s dresses, so I was able to skip a few steps there as well. This doll took me about 3 hours to make and I absolutely love it!!

My Little Bear

My Little Bear

Next I made this Cute Bear Marian! Again, instead of using wool felt I used a linen from one of Gemma’s skirts. This bear had a lot more hand sewing involved. His head, neck and arms are all sewn on by hand. Although he is a little guy, this bear took me about 5 hours to make, but I think he is adorable!!

There are so many more dolls I want to try from the book! If you have ever thought about making your own dolls or animals I would highly recommend ‘Wee Wonderfuls’ by Hillary Lang!! The patterns and instructions are easy to follow and the designs are fabulous!!

Book Review for Craft Test Dummies from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

I hope I have inspired you!! Please visit me at Scrap Time for the latest videos on new products, tool demos and fun techniques in the Paper Crafting Industry!!

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