“Green” Craft Tools: Recycled Scissors by X-Acto


Hello, Crafters! It’s Earth Week, and that means a special spotlight on a “green” or Earth-friendly tool or product is in order. So today, I’m turning my attention to X-Acto 9-inch Recycled Scissors.

These scissors feature a green plastic handle that is made from recycled materials, and the blades are about 3.5 inches long. The overall length is about….8.5 inches! They must have rounded up.

Here’s how they are described on the website:

X-ACTO9” Recycled Scissors are crafted with the same materials and attention to detail as our blades and other cutting tools. High quality steel and razor sharp edges allow for optimum performance and durability. Additionally, the plastic handles are made from recycled material.

Our 9 Inch Recycled Scissors are an excellent, all-purpose pair of scissors for use around the home or at the office. The high quality construction ensures smooth, precise cuts that will never rip or tear at your material.

While the handles are recycled, don’t be fooled into thinking that somehow the blades are less than the sharp precision blades that we are used to from the X-Acto brand. Take a look:

I also tried the scissors on a bunch of house-hold and crafty objects- and they work like a charm:

From left, clockwise: cardstock paper, gift card, tissue, and resin paper.

And shhh! Don’t tell, but I did try them on some neckties, too:

Worked like a charm!

I used them to make some luggage cozies, and found that they were great all-round scissors for trimming fabric, threads, etc:

Tutorial coming soon!

Now, finding these may be a challenge. I haven’t seen them in stores, and I only found one resource on Amazon.com- but they were under 4 bucks!

So if you are looking to make your world a “greener” place, you can do so just by being mindful about your scissors purchase!

Disclosure: sample provided for review.

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