Go Green Linky Party Winner


As promised, we have a lovely prize pack for our #GoGreen Linky party!! First off, thank you to everyone who linked up! We had 96 awesome recycled craft products. I LOVE that we had so many ec0-friendly crafters out there who were happy to share their creations.

Secondly, I really think that this collection will be a great resource for the year to come. I know that when I need a gift idea or crafts for the kids, I’m looking here first.

I used Random.Org to select the following number:

True Random Number Generator
















From Cullen Kids Mom blog

It really is a great project- but fair warning: there is music on the blog and you have to scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN to turn it off. (AAAHHH!) Try and plug your ears and read the tutorial anyway!

So Deanna is going to receive this great prize pack!

Thanks to the companies who supplied the goodies:

  • Enamel Paints by Plaid
  • Generation 2 Bottle Cutter by Diamond Tech
  • Sketch Journal by ecosystem
  • Knitgrrl soap-felting kit
  • Sample of Embellie Gellie

I really hope Deanna has fun playing, and I’ll have to think up a good theme for May. Thoughts, anyone??

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