Giveaway: Pinata Inks from Jacquard


I don’t know about you, but I’m SO GLAD it’s Friday! It’s been a heck of a week…but crafty friends, your day is about to LOOK UP! We’ve got a faboo GIVEAWAY from our friends at Jacquard.

Wanna see what you can win?

But not just ONE exciter pack- TWO of them! So you can share a pack with your best crafting buddy or just be greedy and keep all the goodness for yourself!

So, I know you want to know how to enter! Well you have up to THREE chances, by leaving up to THREE comments on this post. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY.

  • Read the review of Pinata Inks that I wrote earlier this week, and leave a comment on this post telling me what was your favorite technique in using the inks (That’s entry #1.)
  • Go visit Jacquard Products on Facebook, and “Like” the page. It would be nice if you left them a note thanking them for the giveaway on CTD. : ) Let’s be appreciative, shall we? Leave me a comment back here saying that you’re their FB friend. AWWW! (That’s entry #2.)
  • For your last entry, simply subscribe to Jacquard’s YouTube Channel! They’ve got great videos demonstrating all kinds of great techniques. Of course, leave me a comment on this post for entry #3!

Now, for the legal stuff….

Standard Giveaway (Sweepstakes) Mumbo-Jumbo:

  1. No purchase is necessary.
  2. Odds of winning are based on number of entries.
  3. This giveaway begins: Friday, 2/24/12    and ends: Friday, March 2, 2012 at 6PM EST
  4. One entry per comment, up to three per person.
  5. Winner will be notified via email.
  6. Prize will be shipped from Jacquard and CraftTestDummies LLC assumes no responsibility for ensuring delivery of prize.
  7. The dollar value of this prize is worth: approx $35. USD.
  8. You must be a US resident aged 18 years or older and live in the Contiguous US for be eligible to win. Sorry, my international friends!

OK, get cracking!

A big “thank you” to Jacquard for sponsoring this giveaway!


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  1. Pat Upton says

    I love that you can tint rhinestones another color! I have not used the Jacquard alcohol inks, but have tried some of the other ones. Very cool! I would love to win!

  2. jengd says

    I loved seeing all of the things you colored. I love the bottle cap and epoxy sticker idea.

  3. Deana M says

    I like the idea of tinting the rhinestones. I think it would be a great addition to my nail art! :)

  4. says

    Just subscribed to Jacquard’s You Tube. I watched the indigo dye segment. Oh oh… I’m afraid I’m hooked!


  5. LaurieJay says

    I loved the rhinestones and the shrinky dink but I would be most inclined to try the alcohol inks on the glossy paper or glossy cardstock. I would also love to try them on vellum.

  6. Deana M says

    It’s funny that I just got off YouTube to read my blogs and now I’m back on YouTube watching jacquardproducts videos!! Thanks! :)

  7. Maria says

    LOVE the idea of tinting rhinestones. Plus, I work a lot with upcycled aluminum from soda cans, so that’s a cool idea, too.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  8. Heather T. says

    I am subscribed to their youtube channel! Can’t wait to check out their clips of the inks in use!

  9. says

    I loved the idea of coloring gold leaf- something I have never tried! Also still very intrigued with the resin paper- something I know nothing about! Thank you for the opp!

  10. Bev says

    How cool would tinting glass fragments be? Awesome! I also love the results shown on the resin paper, shrink plastic and the white cardstock is so vivid! So many awesome ideas and uses for this product…I think I have fallen in love with it before ever giving it a try! Thank you for sharing the awesome review.

  11. Bev says

    I checked out their youtube channel and I also decided to subscribe to it. Watched a couple of videos using discharge paste and discharge additive so white can be printed without having to color the background first…totally awesome products.

  12. Bev says

    I liked them on Facebook and I let them know how awesome this giveaway is and also how awesome I think their Pinata inks are. I’m totally blown away with their products…definitely going to watch more videos on their youtube channel. Thanks for sharing this review on Pinata inks and for the awesome giveaway.

  13. Desiree says

    I loved how you colored the Frantage Fragments, but I’m very interested in something you mentioned, but didn’t demonstrate, which was using the inks with polymer clay! :)

  14. Desiree says

    I am now following Jacquard on YouTube, which is exiting! I’m checking out some of their videos as I type this. :)

  15. Melissa Izquierdo says

    Thanks for the review/tutorial. I work with mixed media, paper and other objects. I also upcycle vintage jewelry. However, I’ve never used this type of ink. I love the fact that you can tint objects (i.e., rhinestones) that other paint won’t work with. I also was interested by the fact that it works on leather – some of my old purses need a bit of sprucing up!

  16. Charo Munoz says

    I could only do the first entry. I do not subscribe to YouTube but i really enjoyed watching the Jacquard videos, i want to try their dyes also, I want to tie dye, great instructions!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  17. says

    I watched U tube and subcribed. Can’t wait to view more how tos.
    I “liked” on FB
    I read the review. If they are anything like the Ranger alcohol paints I will like them because I can use them on so many things other than paper.
    I especially want to try the photo paper spritzed with ink and then thinner.

  18. says

    Pat- first off- in order to get 3 entries, you have to leave 3 separate comments. (The blog will select a comment at random & I don’t want you to miss out!)

    Secondly, yes- like the Ranger ones, Piñata inks are alcohol-based.

    Lastly, you do NOT want to spritz the inks with water OR “thinner.” Use blending solution (Ranger’s product) Claro Extender (Jacquard’s product) or rubbing alcohol ONLY to extend/mix/clean up. Hope this clarifies it!

  19. says

    I love the results you get when you blend colors. And I like that you can use them to color things that paint won’t work on.

  20. Carmen Lucero says

    Thanks for sharing your videos on the Pinata alcohol inks. I bought some at a store closing and still have them in my box with the rest of the “other” alcohol inks, love the different colors and vibrance. What I don’t have is the “clean up” solution, but I usually use rubbing alcohol. Thanks for the chance to win! I already like Jaquard on FB and thanked them (which I will write in the next entry :)


    Carmen L

  21. Carmen Lucero says

    I went to the Jaquard FB page to thank them; I already like them :)

    Thanks for the chance!


    Carmen L

  22. Carmen Lucero says

    I have subscribed to the Jacquard YouTube channel. Looking forward to their videos.


    Carmen L

  23. says

    I love being able to use them on metal and other non-porous materials, I have seen them used on utube and have wanted to get them, unfortunately I live in a fairly rural area and our stores do not carry them.

  24. mh says

    i would love to be able to stamp on and add ink to non-porous surfaces. i have an empty pail waiting for decoration and i think this would be perfect for the job. thanks!

  25. Alena says

    Per your instructions, I went to the Jaquard FB page to thank them.
    Thank you very much for the chance to win.
    You are awesome!

  26. IRMA CONESA says

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I love your Piñata Inks!!! They are really awesome and the best is that they can be used on different materials!!

  27. Kathryn Harpold says

    I loved the stamping portion of the video. I have used alcohol inks before but I have never used them to ink a stamp! Can’t wait to give that a try. I also enjoyed seeing you use a spray bottle for the rubbing alcohol/extender. It sparked a little idea for a swatch that I’m going to work on today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Kathryn Harpold says

    PS I also “like”ed Jacquard on Facebook and subscribed to them on You tube. I had no idea they were just up the road from me!

  29. says

    Wow!! Loving these inks. I love the idea of making patterns on shrink plastic! As I do a lot with shrink plastic when I’m bored! x3

    Subscribed on Youtube as oneblackberrypie! :)

  30. says

    Okay, sorry one more comment. I just read that we needed 3 separate for all the entries. x3 My bad. I got excited. This one is for the youtube subscription then! :)

  31. CC in WI says

    Wow, do these inks look fun. I would love to win two sets. I have a friend who recently became disabled and lost her job. I would give her the second set.

  32. says

    I love using alcohol inks with polymer clay, but I have limited experience using them with other materials. I think my favorite of the techniques you showed was the Frantage Fragments in a baggie — I’d love to give that a try. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! [Entry #1]

  33. Krisa says

    Favorite technique is the fragment coloring- I never thought about using a Baggie to do small parts and that just brilliant!

  34. Kimberly Hellams says

    I love all of the techniques but my favorite is using them with my stamps.

  35. Carmen says

    I didn’t realize you could use Pinata Inks on rhinestones – that is such a neat idea!

  36. Dana Barrentine says

    Well we’re now facebook buddies, I forgot to mention you guys but I’ll go back and do so.

  37. Kari Cosentino says

    Loved the idea to use the spray bottle and to use the inks on stamps. Can’t wait to play!

  38. Kourtney Osborn says

    My favorite use/technique you didn was on the rhinestones. Amazing, I can just buy them all in silver and make my own custom color to match my project. Save space too.

  39. Veronica says

    I’ve read your review and while I like all the techniques, I love that you can use them to color/tint rhinestones and I like how they work on the metal bottlecaps. And I love how they turned out on the glossy paper!! So vibrant!!

  40. Dana Barrentine says

    As for your review, I think using them with stamps and/or to color velum are my favorite ideas!

  41. Maria Chuy Soto says

    I can’t choose one technique only – for I can use all the ones you have described on your review – I can def. use this in all my crafting and jewelry designs

  42. sharon Littrell says

    I love the idea of using this for stamping and the idea of using it on srinky dinks.

  43. Jenny Jones says

    Love your shamrock pin tutorial. Just in time for Saint Patrick’s day. Would like to make pins for all the Holidays!

  44. Nicole Fink says

    Loved all of the techniques you used in your review, but especially loved the way you can apply color to things like rhinestones. I admit, I always think of ink as something that is only used for stamping, but seeing all these other techniques gives me tons of new ideas! I was wondering, I use stamps on wood to make personalized pendants. I know you say these are better on glossy surfaces…but would they work on something like that?

  45. says

    Wow, so many great uses for this!! Love them all actually.My favorite is the technique of using them on beads and rhinestones!!

  46. says

    Nicole- if you sealed the wood first- like with a little Mod Podge or spray sealer- they would keep the ink from seeping into the wood grain and “bleeding”- so yes, with a little prep!

  47. Debbie Rogers says

    Liked the use on different items, going to try the rhinestone and bead dyeing. Especially for when I need a special color to finish a project.

    I liked Jacquard on FB and also subscribed to their YouTube channel.

  48. Rebecca Helton says

    Hi! Faboo giveaway, indeed! I really like the idea of using the inks to tint polymer clay. I’m new to pc and have been doing some research and soaking up all the ideas I can. :)

  49. Rebecca Helton says

    I have “liked” the Jacquard Products page and thanked them as suggested. :)

  50. Rebecca Helton says

    I am now subscribed to the jacquardproducts channel on Youtube under the screen name madebymidnight. :)

  51. Joyce says

    Oh man I can hardly wait to find these to try them. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color intensity!

  52. Jen Hathaway says

    I love the technique of using the alcohol inks to tint liquid polymer clay…it opens up SO many creative options!

  53. says


    I love the idea of being able to dye things like metal, but I’m really excited to try out the Pinata dyes on some plastic spinning fiber that other dyes won’t work on.

    I’m already a fan of Jaquard Products on Facebook but I just subscribed to their YouTube.

    Thanks so much for this give-away… cool contest.