GIVEAWAY ALERT! Little Windows Resin Kits


You have to love  a weekend giveaway- and you have to love one with THREE prizes even more! And here’s the thing- the prizes are Little Windows Resin Kits that you can give to your crafty mom OR make some great presents- either way, it’s a winner!

Giveaway: Little Windows

708LWWrapLabelEach of these kits is worth $48 and we’ve got THREE to give away!  Here’s how you enter:

  1. Click the blue Rafflecopter link below if it does not pop up in your browser.
  2. Read the initial screen – you’ll see a question.
  3. Scroll down to the comments section and answer the question by leaving a comment.
  4. Scroll back up and click the “I commented” button.
  5. This will unlock more entries for tweeting, being a fan of Facebook & subscribing to the YouTube Channel
  6. You can tweet every day for more entries!

I’ll pick the winners using the widget on May 9th and it will be announced on the widget. The winners will be contacted by the nice folks at Little Windows and the prize will shipped directly from them.

OTHER RULES: You must be 18 or older to enter. You must live in the contiguous US (lower 48 states.) No substitutions, and CTD is not responsible for shipping prize. No monetary value will be awarded.

A BIG THANKS to Little Windows for sponsoring our giveaway this week!

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If you’d like a clickable version of the Little Resin YouTube video, here ya go:

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  1. Jade Passmore says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is at the zoo with my husband, grown children and our grandchildren.

  2. Pat Schwab says

    With my children. This year Mothers Day falls on my youngest child’s 16th birthday so it is extra special.

  3. Dee in NH says

    My favorite is a day at home with kids and grandkids and some good food and laughs.

  4. says

    My Mom and I make a yearly traditional trip to our local Wabash Valley Herb Fair. She gets to pick out what she wants, whether its plants, garden art, or whatever, and I pay for all of it, and we get to spend the day together! Since she is in her 70’s, it’s all that more special to spend the time with her. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  5. Norene Schlader says

    My favorite way of spending Mothers Day is to be together with my hubby, children and grandchildren, without them I would have no reason to celebrate the holiday. As long as we are together, it’s special.

  6. Jacqui says

    All my kids and my Mom come to the house and we cook out and just hang out – no rules – just right :)

  7. CAMILLE P. says

    What a great craft kit to make special gifts for those who are most dear to your heart! Hope I get selected!

  8. MaryBeth H. says

    My favorite day to stay home with my husband and children and get pampered!

  9. Marilyn H says

    My husband cooks lunch and then I spend time in my studio. Love spending Mother’s Day that way.

  10. Debbie Sorensen says

    I go and get my mom and bring her over to my house for a fabulous meal that my hubby makes for us!

  11. Christina D says

    My favorite way was spending the day with my kids and grandkids and not cooking!

  12. Susan Knoblock says

    Of course I love to spend time with my family. They are the light of my life

  13. says

    My son usually comes up with some activity I love to do during the day and he also makes me beautiful cards. I have taught him well 😛

    Then in the evening we spend time with my folks and take my mom to a special dinner.

  14. Karen R. from Upstate SC says

    This year we will be doing something different for Mother’s Day! We’re going camping & will spend time with my son & his family at the state park we are camping in! Can’t wait!

  15. Carla Hundley says

    My husband and I go for a
    ride on our Harley, going
    up to Sundance Resort and
    getting a cookie! Been a
    tradition for awhile now.
    Carla from Utah

  16. carrie mikulich says

    This looks like a very nice craft to make. I have 2 new mommies this year and it would make a nice item for them to enjoy.

  17. says

    Enjoying the outdoors with my family! I certainly wouldn’t mind breakfast being made for me, lunch out and then getting delivery for dinner! Can you tell I just don’t want to be in the kitchen? :-)

  18. Kelly Winkleblack-Shea says

    Relaxing at home with lots of tidbits for nibbling on the table! Of course, someone to refill my coffee cup LOLOL

  19. Dana Desmond says

    I have been dying to try this, but was afraid it would be too hard.

  20. Andrea Asher says

    My favorite thing to do is when my Grown Son brings a pick up load of mulch and stays the day with me helping me mulch my flower beds. Then we would grill out.

  21. Amy says

    Time alone, without kids. I love my kids but time alone is precious.

  22. Zina says

    I am a mommy myself but my favorite to spend my day is with my Auntie how is our ‘late adoption mother’. She is the most wonderfull person in the world that always takes care of everyone and everything. We go there with our whole family and my son just adores her! We spend the day eating cake and having fun. I like to craft a lot of precents for her and buy her some nice chocolates and other sweets. I’m already looking forward to it!!

  23. luana gibson says

    I would like to spend my mother’s day with no housework, in fact I would like to sleep in and my family would do everything they need to get done without needing to be told, then when I wake up my husband would have made his awesome fried rice with three(3) different types of peppers, my kids would get along and there would be no fighting. We would have grilled pineapple brats for supper, and sit around the t.v. watching the Hallmark channel(I love the programs it always makes me cry and there are lessons to be learned all the time), and my evening would end with everyone slowly dozing off one by one and everyeone saying “Good Night” like the Waltons use to do.I am pretty sure it will happen exactly this way. Can’t wait.

  24. Pat Upton says

    My favorite way to celebrat Mothers’ day is sitting on my couch waiting on me hand and foot. HAHAHAHA!

  25. Carol Broome says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is for as many as possible of my kids, grandkids and great-grands to go to my 92 year old mother’s house and spend time with her. That way we’re all together and many of us are mothers so we all get to celebrate!

  26. Victoria says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is to go to church with all of my family: my mother, my children, my grandchildren, and family. After church, we have a cookout! We just enjoy each other’s company. It is a wonderful day!

  27. Lourdes Salvador says

    Mother’s Day is a extra special day for me. I not only get to spend it with my Mother but with my daughter (who is also a mom of 3). We all meet up at my Mom’s house and we spend the day talking, taking pictures, eating and laughing with family. I look forward to it every year. I am blessed.

  28. Serena Powell says

    My favorite way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to spend the day pampering my Mom.

  29. Skyann S says

    Well Last year I was pregnant so we just went shopping for baby stuff This year is my first real Mother’s Day so we are going out :)

  30. Carolyn Irizarry says

    If we normally go to church. We’ll probably try to go out and enjoy the day. Weather permitting. :)

  31. Kristi says

    I work at a nursing home, so i will be serving the ladies their mother’s day dinners.

  32. Diane Heim says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day, or any weekend day, is to have my family around and just share time. Second favorite is to sit in the sun on my deck and work on a craft project.

  33. Kathy says

    I love spending Mother’s Day with my two grown daughters and their families. We usually get together for dinner or a cookout and enjoy each others company. We might play games or watch a movie. I call my mother who lives in North Carolina to see if she received my hand crafted card and the flowers I sent.

  34. says

    Mother’s Day is always a day of playing with my kids. All I ask is that I don’t have to feed or clean up after anyone or anything (the pets) and everyone be kind and peaceful with each other. :) And that’s usually what I do. Kind of a boring day, but it’s what I love the best.

  35. Alice Clark says

    Mother’s Day should mean family time. I love to have the kids and grandkids come over for a cookout with burgers and fun.

  36. Shelli N. says

    I go out to my favorite place to eat with my hubby and kids. After dinner we go for a nice walk at our nature center.

  37. Amanda says

    Favorite way to spend mothers day: recalling good memories from childhood

  38. Anna N says

    I really love to have long conversations with my daughters since they live too far away to visit often.

  39. Sandi P says

    My kids and hubby spend all day Mothers Day taking me out to eat. Love it!

  40. Dee Robinson says

    My mother will have all her favorites, jazz music, spaghetti, chocolates and a bottle of Pepsi.

  41. superstitches says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is having breakfast or lunch with my family. I don’t even mind if I have to do the cooking.

  42. Marcy Helzer says

    My husband is fantastic at spoiling me on Mother’s Day. I get to scrapbook all day and he takes care of the kids, dogs, meals and then him and the boys clean the house! Best day of the year! :)

  43. Caryn S. says

    I love spending Mother’s Day with my family, goofing off after church and doing nothing in particular. I love the notes and little crafty things my children present to me with such great fanfare. We usually go to a Mother’s Day tea at my church every year the day before. Then in the afternoon on Mother’s Day we go to my MIL’s house and spend it with her. Her favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is doting on her grandkids which gives me a bit of a break as well!

  44. Carole RB says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is having a bruch with family

  45. Fran says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is, much like what others have shared, being with family – eating, laughing, living! :)

  46. Lissa says

    I usually put In my vegetable, and herb garden with the help,of whoever drops by, we have a buffet set up all afternoon, people just drop by, we have a great time!!

  47. says

    Why are you sorry? I asked how you like to SPEND YOUR DAY. And if you favorite way to spend the day is doing nothing, that’s OK too. :)

  48. betty proctor says

    my sister,my 2 adult children,my nephew and myself. a casual dinner and chatting.

  49. Megan Johnson says

    Making my mom breakfast and giving her a gift. We then get together with family and have a cookout!

  50. Megan Johnson says

    Making my mom breakfast and giving her a gift. We then get together with family and have a cookout!

  51. April Joy says

    Favorite way to spend Mother’s Day would be to take my mom out for a spa day and to dinner. My mom is special and deserves the pampering.

  52. lisa malterud says

    what a great way to try out resin. i would love to make something for my mom and daughter.

  53. Cheryl Patterson says

    I have always loved spending time with my family and good food. We go through old pictures reminiscing about the old days (what our kids remember) Its very fun. Sometimes we play games just being around each other. Its difficult with the adult children, whose spouses need to see their mothers too.

  54. Cheryl Patterson says

    Thank for this great giveaway. I actually have this product waiting in a cart because I was going to purchase it yesterday!!!!
    :) :) :)

  55. Leah hickling says

    I love to do brunch with my mom and after spend time with my kids!

  56. samantha Soucy says

    My favorite way to spend Mothers day is with my kids, my mom, my aunts and my Grandmother. We have this big dinner at the end of the day and we have a birthday cake too because my mom’s birth is always right near mother’s day. It is amazing to see all those moms under one roof.

  57. Pam Allen says

    I love just being with my grown children and 9 grandchildren. We usually have lunch at one of their homes. This for chance to win resin kit.

  58. Monique Stevens says

    I’m not a Mom, but I try to find something to do with my Mom on Mother’s Day, usually just lunch and a little shopping.

  59. Michelle D. says

    I like to spend time with my children, grandbabies, and my husband on Mother’s Day!

  60. Tanya Cox says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is with my husband and kids and my mom having a picnic or cooking out.

  61. Jenifer Stephens says

    A day spent with my children and husband and Mom and grandparents.

  62. says

    My favorite has always been to just hang out with my mom. This will be my first one without her…

  63. Dee Snow says

    My favorite way to spend mothers day is different. Our kids live in other cities, so we try to Skype or G+ hangout for a little while. Or at least talk on the phone and share a memory from their childhood and a item on their to do list… And then spend time with my furry four legged babies.. dee

  64. Karen says

    I love to spend Mother’s Day with my boys having a BBQ and just visiting. In the fast paced world we live in now, it is so nice to have one day that I can count on both of my boys being here with me.

  65. Cynthia Bell-Moores says

    Mothers Day is best spent with kids and grandkids.

    Thanx, Cyn

  66. Barb B. says

    Just spending time with my amazing hubs and two teenaged boys. No cooking or cleaning. And hopefully no bickering between the teens. 😉

  67. says

    I like to spend it with my sons! :) They are my favorite people in the whole world! (Guess I’m kind of partial!) lol

  68. Beckey Bullard says

    I love Mothers Day! We usually make chocolate covered strawberries and take them to my mom and my grandma…It’s a 4 generation celebration day! My daughter, Me, My Mom and then Her Mom! Best Day Ever!

  69. JOAN SMITH says

    Oh how awesome is your giveaway it looks so cool Thanks for the chance!!
    I love going out to out to eat with my kids and hubby hey it’s fun being pampered.

  70. Toni Leli says

    Mother’s Day is always special when my sisters and brother and all the nieces and nephews are together for dinner. What fun times!

  71. says

    My favorite would be spent with my daughter and her family and my husband. This year I will be spending it with my 91 year-old mother-in-law…….everyone else is out of town. :)

  72. Lee Mckoen says

    My favorite mothers day is with my daughter and my grandson! We are a small group, but lots of love!

  73. Diane Boom says

    I would love to win this. My grandkids pics would look so cute for a bracelet!

  74. Cheryl Maloney says

    I love to hold a special brunch for all of the lovely ladies in my life. No children are allowed and I hold it on a Saturday morning so that mother’s can spend Sunday morning with their families.

    We have tea, champagne, shrimp, sausages, waffles, eggs, and all kinds of great food that I can prepare ahead of time.

    Cheryl Maloney

  75. says

    I forgot. My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is to not have to cook all day and just play in my craft room.

  76. Sherri says

    Spend it with my girls. My mother is deceased so I try to be with my babies even though they are 23 and 21.

  77. Cynthia Coy says

    Going to the nursing home with my 4 sisters to see my mother who is 99 years old and still ornery! We usually get pizza, which is still her favorite food and play cards.

  78. Sara Miller says

    My favorite way to celebrate Mother’s day is to take my Mom out to a fancy dinner and to a movie. I also buy her a really nice gift that I give to her during dinner. We both really enjoy Mother’s day together.

  79. Sarah B says

    I love to spend mothers day with my wonderful children. I dont care what we do, breakfast in bed (all three of us!), take a walk, ride bikes, go to the zoo, anything!

  80. lesley says

    my mother and i live 1800 miles away from each other and i don’t have any children, so there isn’t much we can do that day. i always send a gift ahead of time and we talk on the phone on mother’s day

  81. Anne says

    I enjoy the day with my babies, just spending time together. Relaxing.

  82. Jeanie Gregory says

    I like to spend it with my son born on Mothers Day, my Granddaughter and my Husband. Would love to with my other son but he is to far away. That would be a great Mothers Day gift! Thanks for the chance.

  83. Angelica Chambers says

    We lost our mom 14 years ago so since then my sister and I make sure we get together each year. We celebrate each other being a mother with our children and we also share stories about our mom to the kids. My son was 5 when we lost her and only remembers some things about her. My sister’s children never met their grandmother because they were born after she passed. These stories are very important to all the kids and to my sister and me.

  84. Danielle Lima says

    Mother’s Day is chaotic. We start at my house, go to my MIL’s for lunch, then for dessert at my Step Moms and dinner at my Mom’s.

  85. Beatrice says

    I love to gather with family and have a bbq. Love spending time together.

  86. Donna Hunt says

    I love to celebrate by seeing what mood we’re in and doing what we want on a whim. Thank you for the giveaway!

  87. jamie says

    I like to celebrate Mothers day by taking my mom flowers and making her lunch!

  88. Sherri Gibson says

    Well it’d be nice to nit have to do anything unless I Want to! My daughter, mom and I usually go the the Mother’s Day Cottonwood rodeo. As long as I get to share the day with my 73 yr old mom n daughter, it doesn’t matter what we do! Thank u n good luck all (:

  89. Alona Y says

    My favorite is half for me, like getting a pedicure or just sleeping in, and half with my mom and mother in law. Going out to eat is always nice.

  90. Heather Dawn says

    I like spending the day with my family! It doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as I don’t have to cook!

  91. Theresa D says

    I like to relax and spend the day with my mom and my family. My husband cooks and cleans up for dinner.

  92. Nikki Thoresen says

    I like going out for breakfast with my family. Last year I got eggs benedict with lobster! yum!

  93. Ann Marie D says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is going out to brunch with my hubby and all our kids & grandkids. After that we go back to our house to watch movies, eat, all the mom’s open our presents, we take our annual group pictures, eat some more and just enjoy being togethet :)

  94. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite way to spend Mother’s Day is going to the duck pond with the family and having a picnic lunch!

  95. Jessica Ruggiero says

    My favorite way of celebrating mother day is going out to brunch with my family!

  96. Stephanie Galbraith says

    We celebrate Mother’s Day at my parents house every year.

  97. amanda whiltey says

    best way for me as a mother to spend it is having a fun day with my kids.

  98. Charlene S. says

    I like to have a nice dinner with my family & watch a movie together :)

  99. susan smoaks says

    i like to celebrate mother’s day by going to church and having a nice lunch.

  100. MARIA simon says


  101. Ellie Wofford says

    My favorite way to celebrate is to spend the day with my family! Usually like to splurge on some kind of treat, too!


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