Frankenstein Party Lanterns

If you have smaller kids, sometimes you don’t want to Halloween to be so scary or gory- so here’s a little fun Frankenstein Lantern you can whip up. He looks great sitting on a mantel or you can put him outside in good weather- he lights up and would look great guiding trick-or-treaters to your door! 
Frankenstein Lantern- fun and not-so-scary party decoration.
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It’s so easy- just insert the metal brace into the paper lantern to give it shape. Then spray a light coat of spray paint all over. Try not to soak it too much- you don’t want to rip the paper. Let it dry completely. Then add a couple of light coats of green Glitter Spray…. after all, we want Frankenstein to be a little fancy, right? Again, let that dry overnight.

Now add the “hair.” Using a fairly dry brush and light, quick strokes, brush downward from the top and make the hair. Also paint the top bit.

Add circles for eyes, and a zig-zag for the mouth. A little dot of white will make the face complete! Or…use some google eyes!

Let it dry, then you’ve got a fun decoration for your party.And because it lights up, it’s perfect to put on your porch for All Hallow’s Eve!

And if you want to take it to the next level, how about using a silver sharpie marker around the “neck” and glue on a few bolts? That would be fun, too!

Lastly, you might my post on Frankenstein marshmallow pops to round out your Frankenstein party!

frankenmallow pops

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    Hi Jenny, I have been readingyour blog and I love it. I really like crafts and do as many as I can! I like this lamp and wil try it this halloween. I also saw something similar with a carved pumpkin, you stick the spiders coming out its mouth. it is gross! which I guess is the idea :). I also wanted to invite you to share some of your crafts in my relatively new Arts and Crafts Weekend Blog Hop.Happy crafting!

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