Friday Giveaway: Primary Elements Artist Pigments from Luminarte!


Happy Friday, Crafty People! I am SO excited for today’s giveaway- we have a new sponsor supporting CraftTestDummies- Luminarte! They make products like Silks, Twinkling H2O’s, Radiant Rains, Primary Elements Artist Pigments and Paint It Papers!

Today, they are offering not ONE but TWO prize-packs. Each winner will receive a set of 8 PEAPS (Primary Elements Artist Pigments) and a bottle of medium.

(Medium Not Pictured)

Please use the RaffleCopter widget below to enter- and you have FIVE CHANCES….. or more….because you can enter via tweeting once per day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And just in case missed them, check out all of the Luminarte products we’ve reviewed on CTD.

So make sure you enter- and after you do, visit the Luminart Gallery and the Creative Imaginations Blog for more ideas and inspiration. Once again, a big THANK YOU to Luminarte/Creative Imaginations for sponsoring today’s giveaway!

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  1. Lisa Tatem says

    I like the Twinkling H2Os best. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  2. jengd says

    I used Twinkling H2O’s for the first time on Wed… they’re now on my shopping list.

  3. Jill B says

    I have never used their products but would love to give them a try!

  4. Carol Douglass says

    I got to try The Radiant Rain and the twinkling H20’s for the first time at CKC Manchester this past weekend. I love the Radiant Rain, awesome effects and coverage.

  5. Alice Clark says

    The artist pigments are calling my name! What an awe-inspiring collection of creative products!

  6. Candi says

    Twinkling H2O’s are my favorite, but I’d love to try the other products also.

  7. Marjori says

    Ooooh, I have a whole stash of their Twinkling H2O’s & LOVE them!! I’d love a chance for the pigments…I’d like to mix them in my nail polish!! :o) Thanks!

  8. says

    They look fantastic! So far my favorite product is the Radiant Rains, but these look wonderfully versatile.

  9. Ann Bennie says

    love giveaways and how sweet it is that you would love to share…..awesome!

  10. says

    Twitter link is wrong, you just need their username there! 😉
    I love ALL the pigments, cant choose!

  11. Marcy Charmley says

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use any, but I’m looking forward to trying them!

  12. Angi says

    I love Radiant Pearls, and would love to win some new crafty goodness!!

  13. says

    I have some powders, but don’t know wher I put them! Could always use some more anyway. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  14. Kristen P says

    I haven’t used any of their products, but would love to try them!!

  15. Sharon Gullikson says

    Radiant Rain Elderberry is my favorite. It’s making me hungry.

  16. Linda Polaretzki says

    I love all Luminarte products and have used them for years

  17. says

    Wow, these goodies look absolutely awesome! I would love to have a chance to play with them. Thanks, Jenny!!

  18. kathy/NorthCarolina says

    Well, these pigments look pretty darn fantastic! I have some of their metallic paints and like them very much.

  19. Laurie H. says

    They look so pretty all stacked up together! I bet they would look even better on a nice piece of art!

  20. Becky says

    I love all the products but am having fun with the Paint it Papers right now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. says

    I like them all really, but I think I would use the raidient rain more than the others. At least with the projects I’m currently doing.

  22. Cat Graves says

    I have used and loved Twinkling H2Os–awesome colors!! I would love to try the Artist Pigments. Thanks for the chance to win the prize package!!

  23. NWFLAMINGO says

    Twinkling H2O’s are the only items I have on the list of products … and I love them!

  24. Amyscats says

    What beautiful colors! Looks like something fun to play with, I LOVE new toys. Thanks for the chances to win.

  25. Kathy says

    I am not familiar with the products, but they look like something I would find many uses for and love to try :)

  26. Cindy says

    I love the Twinks, but I have to admit…I don’t have any of the other products yet.
    Cindy K.

  27. Victoria says

    Beutiful products! Pick me! Pick me! I would love to win those products!

  28. Caryn S. says

    I have not had an opportunity to use any of these products but I’m excited to experiment with them!

  29. Desiree says

    It’s hard to choose a favorite…their colors are so unbelievably beautiful. I would have to say the Primary Elements Artist Pigments but oh, how much I’m admiring the Silks!

  30. says

    I wat to try them allll, I love the H2Os but really, really need to get my hands on the pigments and rains too :)

  31. Carmen Lucero says

    Saw the video on the silks, how beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win!


    Carmen L

  32. Tanya says

    I LOVE this product….all of the things this company makes has been totally awesome

  33. Sue says

    I’ve never tried anything like these but they sure look interesting. Would love to give them a try.

  34. Judy Jennings says

    I Would Love to WIN and Try These Products…. WINNNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!

  35. Marjorie Nath says

    I have never tried these, but would love trying them. It is hard to find locally, I’m in Mexico. The colors seem absolutly amazing.

  36. Carmen says

    I wasn’t familiar with Luminarte before this. I would love to try Silks

  37. Sharon says

    I’m not familiar with these either but they are beautiful I would love to try them out!

  38. Danielle W. says

    This is so cool!! There are so many possibilities of things I could create!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  39. Pam Latham says

    I would love to try these. Some products are hard for me to find in this area.

  40. Coni says

    Pretty colors! I don’t know what to do with them but I’m sure I would figure it out!

  41. Tonya Halcomb says

    I am a newbie to this product line – so it would be exciting to try ANY of their products!

  42. Susan B says

    Thanks for the chance to win another great prize package. This would be a new experience for me!

  43. Vidette Benn says

    I like the Radiant Rains products. They are very versatile, without a lot of work.


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