Friday Giveaway: “Mod Podge Rocks! Decoupage Your World” SIGNED by Amy Anderson


Happy Friday, crafty peeps! Today I’ve got a fun giveaway for you! My pal Amy Anderson just published her first book, “Mod Podge Rocks Decoupage Your World” and I’ve got a copy just for one lucky reader! And the cool part? She’s going to SIGN it! (OH, and yes, there will also be a cool Mod Podge Rocks tee-shirt in the package, too!

You can win a SIGNED copy of the book and this (size L) Mod Podge Rocks t-shirt!


This book which features over 40+ projects, is published by Lark Books. Here are some things you might want to know about the book:

  • 128 full-color, glossy pages
  • Includes a primer of Mod Podge formulas and facts
  • Broken down into wearables, home decor, and holiday projects
  • Each project as a list of items needed and step-out photos
  • Great little “extras” like how to make stencils and beaded dangles
  • Great instructions and Amy’s “signature” conversational style.

The instructions are clearly written and the book is chock-full of ideas!

What I love is that the book is full of cool ways to use Mod Podge- and chances are, you probably have a container of the stuff somewhere in your house, just waiting to be used up!

So to win this great prize- a SIGNED copy of the book and a tee-shirt- just leave me a comment in the section below, telling me WHAT YOUR LAST DECOUPAGE PROJECT WAS. I’m letting you know right now- if I draw your name and you DON’T answer that question, (or at least admit that you haven’t done one) I will toss your name right out and pick another. Because following directions counts, folks! : P

OK! The giveaway will be open for 7 days and will close on Friday, July 20th at midnight EDT. I will pick one winner at random who has answered the question. Chances of winning are based on the number of valid entries. Once comment per person. The retail value of this prize is approximately $25.00. I will be happy to ship this prize overseas but take no responsibility for it’s safe arrival, nor is CTD responsible for any applicable taxes/duties.

Have fun and go enter….and visit these Mod Podge Tutorials right here on CTD

Disclosure: book provided or review/giveaway purposes.

PS- if you want, you can buy it on here for under $8 USD- what a deal!

PPS: Our winner is “K”, whose comment said:

I am somewhat new to crafting and scrapbooking and I have been looking for a good source to figure out how to do this correctly. So, I have not actually done a project, but I AM extremely anxious to learn and will post my first project w/ the kiddos:-)

Isn’t that cool? This book will certainly give K and her kiddos some food for thought. Congrats to her, and thank you to all who entered!

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  1. K Wyatt says

    I am somewhat new to crafting and scrapbooking and I have been looking for a good source to figure out how to do this correctly. So, I have not actually done a project, but I AM extremely anxious to learn and will post my first project w/ the kiddos:-)

  2. says

    The last thing I used Mod Podge on was a pair of candle holders, inspired by the “stained glass” containers on Amy’s blog. I used a different kind of paper, and they didn’t come out as perfect as I wanted them to, but it was fun all the same.

  3. says

    LOL I LOVE your honesty about answering the question and following directions! :)
    My last Mod Podge project was decoupaging cute wrapping paper onto a plastic watering can.

    I’m going to tweet your giveaway!


  4. Rachel Stofko says

    I used Mod Podge on a really cute lunch box. I covered it with scrapbook paper and put Mod Podge all over it to keep it in place and it gave a really nice finish.

  5. L Karamol says

    I am new to using Mod Podge and have not done any projects using the product. I did buy some the other week and it’s sitting on my craft table. I have lots of projects in mind for it; however, I’m just not sure where to start.

  6. Sundae says

    I Mod Podged a big table I have in my classroom with old book pages around the border and a map in the middle!

  7. maggie says

    I have a ton of ideas for mod podge but haven’t done any yet. My first project will be to use mod podge on the $4 thrift store bed I found and put a monogram and some pailey decorations on it somehow.

  8. lynaeve says

    the last thing I tried to decopodge was my sewing machine cover. but I did it wrong and I didn’t end up finishing it.

  9. Amy says

    I have not yet used Mod Podge but am so excited to use it with some of the great craft ideas on this blog, Pinterest, and in the book I am going to win! :)

  10. sharon gullikson says

    I made a journal for a contest, but I never entered it. For shame!!!

  11. B. Poteraj says

    I really need this book. I have several types of Mod Podge, but don’t know how to use them.
    I made a pendant doing decoupage. I think it might have been at a CHA.

  12. says

    The most recent was some jewelry with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.I didn’t like the way they turned out a bit too cloudy.But I use Mod Podge both Mat and gloss for all my mixed media and collage. Some of my favorite things to work on are the simple ones like baby name blocks for showers.

  13. Mer says

    I decoupaged sea shells I found at a nearby beach. Then left them around town for others to find . :)

  14. says

    I love mod podge. I used it for a “teacher appreciation” gift. Decorated a flower pot container with lots of cute flowers. Looked great and the teacher loved it.

  15. Bobbie Brown says

    I did a fathers day craft on a canvas with my girls hand prints. Mod podge was a perfect setter and sealer. I used the glitter mod podge because glitter is the best!

  16. Bethany Becker says

    I made an altered container. It was a star from some candy and I used mod podge to adhere the paper to it!

  17. Kim Griswold says

    I made a wooden box for a gift. (they loved it! I still see it displayed in their home)

  18. Alaina Kommer says

    My last project was a wooden chair covered in Mary Jane candy wrappers. I had it in my school classroom. It was lots of fun to make!

  19. says

    well, the LAST thing I modpodged is a work in progress which is definitely turning out more bizarre than beautiful…it wasn’t meant to be that way, but I’m going to finish it and see what comes of it. The BEST thing I’ve modpodged was a silhouette cutout of a photograph that had originally contained the images of myself, my sister, my mother, her sister, and my cousin. My Mother’s sister passed away last year shortly before mom’s b-day, and I created the silhouette image as a birthday gift. I was really proud of how it turned out.

  20. Anna U. says

    I just made a set of Star Wars tile coasters for a Christmas gift. This is the first time I have used Modge Podge (can you believe it!?!) and I plan on doing more for craft fairs this fall.

  21. ashley smith says

    my last mod podge project was making picture frames for my daughter’s room :)i wanna try the dimensional magic!!

  22. Mandy says

    I made a keychain of a fire truck for my brother in-law, who was a fireman.

  23. Vanessa Keefe says

    I started with projects with my four year old, modge podging home made picture frames and pots with various papers on them, then I realized how versatile this stuff is. I recently got glitter modge podge and used it to add a frosted glittery look to a plain vase. I would love to learn how to use it even more. I see so many people doing cool things with it, just not sure how they are doing it. Would love to learn more!

  24. Lara Crouse says

    Ok, I admit I haven’t used ModPodge for Years! Does it count that I recently bouhgt a bottle and have Lots of projects planned?!?

  25. Mindy h says

    My last project with mod modge was a memo cube. I bought a cheap (ugly) one and altered it. They make great gifts. :) thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Michelle Yates says

    I used Modge Podge to re-do my bedroom lamps. Lamps can be so expensive. I was re-doing my bedroom in animal print. The lamps I had were plain ceramic based lamps that were peach colored. I bought some leopard print napkins and also some giraffe print napkins. You know how they say a napkin is 2-ply or 3-ply? Well, you separate the layers so you are left with only the single printed layer. You then apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the lamp and then apply the napkin directly to the lamp base. I applied another coat of matte Modge Podge after it was dried and then finally sprayed the entire thing with acrylic sealer. This same technique can be used on frames, baskets, candles, hat boxes. Since the really nice napkins can be kind of pricey,and you usually only need a couple to do a project, we used to share with each other at a place I worked at. So, then you had a good selection of napkins without having to spend a lot of money!

    Tip: Whatever you’re applying the napkin to needs to be fairly light colored or the true color/print of the napkin will not show…therefore, some items may need to be spray painted white/beige before you begin.

  27. Jenn Khurshid says

    My last decoupage project was applying scrapbook paper to a canvas and then decoupaging photos of my daughters on the scrapbook paper.

  28. Laurie Hunt says

    Yay to you! I often see where people don’t answer the question and think — “hunh, I wouldn’t pick them…” Profound aren’t I? My last project was probably a collage canvas. I can’t think of anything I have done other than that in a while. Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. Renee Stewart says

    The last thing I decoupaged was an old filing cabinet that was given to me. I spray painted it green and then decoupaged the fronts of the drawers with scrapbook paper. It looks really lovely in my room now!

  30. Dee in NH says

    I love Mod Podge! I just used it on a multi-media canvas. It was my base coat, then I used it to glue down some flowers and also used it to seal some papers down that I had stamped and embossed my sentiment on. Mod Podge ROCKS! Crossing my fingers, I would love to go to my next retreat sporting that awesome shirt, and can’t wait to check out the new book!

  31. Renee Krieger says

    I used mod podge to make flower pins and also used the sealer spray.

  32. April S. says

    I’m new to the Mod Lodge world but anxious to get started! I remember my sister using it to make a collage back in the 70’s. I’m loving all the mixed media stuff I’ve been seeing lately and think that Mod Podge will definitely be on my list next time I go to the craft store. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. mary heiken says

    As a matter of fact, I decoupaged some bottles yesterday. I love Mod Podge and would love the book to inspire more ideas for projects.

  34. says

    This book looks awesome!! I would live to get my hands in a copy. My last mod podge project was an altered book with a carved out center. I used sparkle mod podge on the pages to hold them together.

  35. Cat Graves says

    Would love to win this book…saw it yesterday in B&N but since I’d already chosen another book, I had to save it for another time. My last decoupage project was decoupaging vintage french newspaper pieces to a clay flower pot. I think it turned out great! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. Victoria Pritchard says

    The decoupoging that I worked on, was in 1974. It was a big thing then! I decoupoged some pictures on a vase. I really enjoyed crafting then, but I had three wonderful children that took up my time. Now I have grandchildren who love to craft as much as I do. We would love to win the decoupoge book! It would make for some great fun! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  37. says

    This book looks awesome!
    My last decoupage project was a Spiderman birdhouse for my two year old son. I got him a small birdhouse at a craft store and he insisted it be a Spiderman one! We had lots of fun covering it with paper and stickers, of course using Mod Podge to finish :)

  38. Jen Pritchard says

    My girlfriends and I do “Craft Camp” once a week over the summer (we are teachers!) and Mod Podge has become our new best friend! We first did a project with decorating clip boards for our classrooms, using Mod Podge of course, and then we just made coasters and trivets using photos/paper on tiles. I would love a copy of the book to see what else we could try!

  39. Amber says

    My latest mod lodge was a pair of shoes. Inspired by the wizard of oz I bought some flats from a second hand shop used mod pudge and red glitter to create the iconic shoes. I get compliments on them where ever I go :)

  40. Kathy Schoenherr says

    I decoupaged a jewelery box for my daughter about 10 years ago.

  41. Starlytte says

    I actually have two Mod Podge projects going on right now. One is a small treasure chest with drawers, which I podged with pretty paper When my muse returns from vacation, she will advise me on the next step, so that’s still in process. I’m also making a metric ton of magazine reeds to cover a box, just don’t know which box yet.

    And the next project I’m still working out is a complete re-do of our nightstands. Yes, there will be podgin!

  42. says

    Last project I did with mod podge was glass plates for Christmas cookies. You mod podge fabric to the underside of a clear plate. Of course, there are other projects waiting in the wings. Hope I get to them soon.

  43. SueK says

    I make paint chip earrings using Dimensional Magic. First, I cut out shapes or use paper punches on the paint chips, make a hole for the earwire, then a coat of DM. They look like a glass coat over the shape…..put them on a earwire and add a few dangling crystals……awesome.

  44. Brooke Bumgardner says

    I’m a big fan of Mod Podge! The last project I did with it was when I made personalized notebooks for Christmas gifts! It was such a fun, easy project. I’m getting ready to make clipboards using Mod Podge. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. LinhC says

    My last DECOUPAGE PROJECT was a scrapbook layout that I mod podged onto a stretched canvas. It is now a home decor piece!

  46. Carmen Lucero says

    The last project made is two journals for two friends. The cardstock stuck
    n terrifically thanks for the chance!

  47. Patricia says

    It’s so difficult to find Mod Podge in Europe, at least here. So last time was a project I did years ago and was a decoupage tray with a lot of birds image. Somebody stole it. Too nice.

  48. says

    I use Mod Podge a lot! I just finished a project where I mod podged the front cover of a 12X12 album. I added all sorts of fabric and paper embellishments and the mod podge dried clear and the everything sticks nice and tight to the album.

  49. Michelle Webb says

    There are so many projects I want to do, but have not started (have them all pinned on Pinterest). This book would help me out. I really want to mod podge clipboards for teacher gifts. I think it would be really cute!

  50. Pat K says

    My last modge podge project was a tin recipe box that I covered with old fashioned food pictures and words.

  51. Nancy says

    I have been using my Mod Podge to decorate a old train case with vintage graphics. I use this case for craft supplies that are used frequently. I love to find old travel pictures and post cards and decoupage them on the case. Such a gratifying craft!

  52. Gwen Windham says

    My last decoupage project was a set of nesting heart shaped boxes. I covered them with Cherub wrapping paper, and gave as a gift. I have so many other ideas that are just waiting for me to find the time to work on them! :-) Thank you for the chance to win!!

  53. Jackie says

    My first project was a picture decoupaged to a board for displaying. My last project was modpodging (is that a word?) a puzzle together for framing. I haven’t attempted anything more challenging that these.
    Thank for the opportunity to try my hand at something more.

  54. mollyc says

    my last modpodge project was a set of coasters with maps of the Magic Kingdom on them. I love disney!

  55. Becky Greene says

    I think the last thing I Mod Podged was a decorative box covered with vintage postage stamps. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Alice Clark says

    I Podge’d four vintage seed labels to a painted flower pot. It turned out really good!

  57. julie m says

    i mod-podged 2 canvas boards to use as a book covers. just the inexpensive dollar store canvas board, but thick enough to make sturdy covers.

  58. Roberta McCllen says

    I had a dozen little wooden plaques left over from the age of country geese and flowery decor. I painted them black and distressed them white. Mod podged some fabulous black and white paper on them, and the letters to spell out family as well. I used an extra for my craft room. It is adorned with a glittery mustache. I <3 Mod Podge!

  59. says

    Totally want this book and would love to win it! Last project was so long ago that I can’t remember! Most likely coasters.

  60. Teri Whidden says

    I used it for the first time on my dressform for the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo and was very impressed. Mod Podge was my first choice for this project and I am so glad that it is so user friendly!

  61. Deaneen Kuka says

    The last thing I mod podged was a set of coasters for a wedding gift. I asked the mother of the bride for pictures of the happy couple, printed them off in black and white, then mod podged them to inexpensive square tiles. My mom used to use mod podge all the time. I remember when she made me a doll with a bottle for the body and then draped fabric over the bottle for the dress, added a styrofoam ball for the head then added hair and a bonnet. I remember being so entranced watching her. It is a wonderful memory of my childhood!

  62. Joey says

    The last project I mod podged were house-shaped cupcake toppers for a housewarming party I’d recently had.

  63. Julie Hulver says

    The last thing I did was to glue a bunch of different textures onto a piece of canvas paper with Mod Podge and then used alcohol inks to add color. Very fun!

  64. Samantha Locey says

    My friends work for a super awesome local vintage shop named “Chicken Lays an Egg” Every year, the fun little neighborhood they reside in has a HUGE 4th of July Parade showcasing all the local businesses. I helped the girls out be decoupaging some balloons so they looks like GIANT COLORFUL PINK, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE, and YELOW eggs! So fun! So messy! So worth it!

  65. says

    The last modpodge craft I did was a lampshade – covered it with images of flowers. It is really neat when the lamp is turned on. Thanks for a great giveaway and the chance to win!

  66. Jennifer says

    Using Mod Podge I made magnet flowers to give to my customers with a purchase. I printed off my website, email & phone # with my logo on a color laser printer, cut them in circles and mod podged to the flat side of large clear filler rocks. Glued them on the centers of flowers and finished with a magnet on the back.

    Mod Podge does rock!

  67. Jenean says

    My last project on glass with decorative paper didn’t quite work out. Hopefully, this book will help.

  68. Caryn S. says

    Wow I have been modpodging EVERYTHING lately! The last project I did is one I’m working on RIGHT NOW, it’s twine storage made from mini Pringles containers. I have about a dozen of them but since I have even more twine, it’s time to break out the paper and Mod Podge again!

  69. says

    the last thing i decoupaged (with Hard Coat Mod Podge!) was a wood box. i painted the bottom in shades of blue, then decoupaged a Loteria card (“El Pajaro” = the bird) on it. love it!

  70. Kim says

    I have used mod Podge for a while but my favorite project was a Christmas Canvas I made and attached scrapbook paper to it them my picture My other favorite was a metal star that I did with antique flag paper and on each leg of the star i put a different brother in his uniform at different times they where in the service then I gave it to my mom. She still has it hanging in her house.


  71. says

    My last decoupage project was decorating the cover of one of my art journals. It’s been far too long though. I need to decoupage!

  72. Susan Bonfitto says

    My last Mod Podge project was a peace sign made out of rolled up colored paper ~ it is colorful, beautiful and sturdily Mod Podged !!!

  73. says

    The last Mod Podge project I did was mod podging some pretty papers onto an old wooden cigar box… sure stands up to the handling!

  74. Susan B says

    My last Mod Podge project was with tissue paper and mason jars. Turned them pretty colors for a baby shower. I think I saw the idea somewhere on your site!

  75. Kelly Sas says

    I made a purse from a cigar box and Mod Podged vintage stamps and advertisements on it. I get compliments on this purse every time I use it!

  76. says

    The only thing I have ever Mod Podged was my son’s name out of letters from Michaels and maps. Turned out awesome! Love the tee, so fun!