Five Eco-Friendly Craft Products and Companies You’ll Love


Happy Earth Day! As a craft product reviewer, there are certain issues I care about deeply. One of those is “green” crafting- craft projects, products, and companies that focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or recycled components that make our world a healthier place to craft!

Today I’m going to share five products/companies that offer GREAT products that you will want to include in your crafting. Here they are, in no particular order. You can also click the links to read the full reviews I’ve written.


These creamy, rich, low-or-no VOC paints work like a charm and provide some peace of mind.  The paints also have a resin in them, which, when buffed , transform the finish from matte to a satin-y shine. They come in 50 designer colors, and once you use them, you’ll never want to use another brand!


This mom-owned, Wisconsin-based company was founded on the idea that children deserve high-quality art experiences that are open-ended, consist of beautiful, sustainable materials, and enrich the local community as well. (The kits- which are made of recycled materials AND can be recycled into picture frames- are packaged at the local Goodwill Industries.) The more of these kits I test, the more I like the company- and I bet you will, too.


This simple white glue is a perfect way to swap out a common craft product with a more eco-conscious one. Amazing Eco-Glue has less than 1% VOCs, is water-based but water-resistant when dry, and has NO animal derivatives. (Make note, vegans!) And in my craft tests, it performed exceptionally well.


These precision scissors from X-Acto (yes, the craft-blade folks) keep the earth a little greener by using recycled plastic for the handles. Don’t be fooled, though- they are sharp and super-effective!


If your glue, paint, and scissors are eco-friendly, why shouldn’t your journal be as well? The ecosystem notebooks are not only made with 100% recycled materials, you can enter a code and find out exactly where each part of your notebook or sketchbook was created… all within the US. Sylish, high-quality, and green- what’s not to love?

I hope that you have been inspired to incorporate some green craft products into your crafting!

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  1. seven says

    Perfect–I’ve been looking for a good, vegan-crafter’s glue.
    Your reviews are always helpful. Thanks!


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