Fiskars Duck Brand Edition Scissors


Do you love Duck Tape, but get frustrated with ragged ripping or sticky scissors? Well, the folks at Fiskars have teamed up with Duck Brand and now- voila!- special Duck Brand Edition Scissors!
Fiskars Duck Brand Edition Scissors

There are two versions, short detail scissors and longer ones.

Fiskars Duck Brand Edition Scissors

The short ones are really ambidextrous, but the longer ones are more comfortable for right-handers. (Lefties can use them too- my AFS student did- but she said that after a while it wasn’t very comfortable. Thought you might want to know.)

Fiskars Duck Brand Edition Scissors

Of course, it’s always easier to show you in a video, so here we go:

Here’s my photo of those cuts:

Fiskars Duck Brand Edition Scissors

Now… the Duck Tape Festival is coming up next weekend, and my daughters really want to get crafting! More on that coming up soon.

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  1. Kathy says

    Love the new scissors! I’ll be looking for them in the store the next time I go. I am always removing sticky residue from my scissors after cutting tape. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Laura P says

    These scissors look and work exactly like the orange handled ones I’ve been using for years from Fiskars. Marketed as non-stick, with a black teflon coating. They come in both short and long versions. Guess they need to market them with a “brand” name now. But, yeah, fabulous scissors that I could not live without. Hubby even borrows them from me.

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