Festive Halloween Juice Box Sleeves


Juice Box SleeveI came up with this project all by my little old self. I signed up for the class parties at my second-graders school, and to keep life simple, I’m bringing the juice boxes for all of the class parties. Only later did I realize what a BORING thing that was, and had to come up with a quick, cheap, festive way to dress up those juice boxes!

For this project I used two layers of cardstock to make the sleeves, but you could use just one.  I wouldn’t recommend regular typing- or xerox-weight paper, it might become soggy as the condensation collects on the outside of the chilled drinks.

I made my measurements based on Minute Maid juice boxes. You may have to tweak your measurements depending on what brand you use. But these ones should give you a good start. I also based my design on maximizing 12″ X 12″ paper, because it’s what I use most often. Again, tinker with it to get the most out of the paper you have.

Background Band: 9″ by 3″ strips of solid-color cardstock. (You can yield 5 strips out of one sheet of 12 X12 paper.)

Decorative Paper band: 9″ by 2″ strips

Layer the decorative paper strip on top of the wide solid band and adhere (I like to use monoadhesive- like a double-sided tape.) Then, flip you paper over to the back and score at the following intervals: 2″, 3.5″, 5 5/8 inches, and 7 1/8 inches. Flip back over and fold into a rectangle. Overlap the back and adhere, then decorate the wide “front” panel with a tag, sticker, button, or decoration of your choice. I stamped “boo” onto orange cardstock, then cut it out with a tag punch. For added oomph, I inked/distressed the edges, then glued a little ghostie confetti.

Fairly quick and easy- and I had to make 18 for my son’s class. Since I know they will be tossed in the trash along with the used up juice box, I didn’t want to sink too much time or money into it….. but it’s cute.  I’m already thinking of our Winter Party boxes…..

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  1. Jill says

    EXCELLENT IDEA!!! You helped me fine tune all the madness in my head. I was thinking juice POUCHES til I came across this. Thanks!! I’ll be doing it for Thursday for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.


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