Faux-Dichroic Glass Pendants (Recycle Craft)



Make faux dichroic glass pendants from beach glass and other recycled materials!

Today I have a fun recycle craft for you- Faux Dichroic Glass Pendants. I love the look of fused glass but don’t have the time, tools or inclination! So I came up with this great way to reuse beach glass (or tumbled glass shards) and….wait for it….basket cellophane!

Before I get to the tute, let me show you how they look worked up into finished jewelry.

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com


Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com

It’s pretty simple. Here’s what you need:

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  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic  -it’s what I used, albeit in the old packaging. (or Glossy Accents) 
  • Beach Glass that you’ve collected or Tumbled Glass from the floral supply section. I got some at the Dollar store!
  • Good fine scissors for small snips- I like these Westcott Scissors
  • Leftover basket wrap (iridescent cellophane) like you use on Easter baskets

You cal also use bits of holographic gift wrap (the shiny plastic kind) and even stickers like Magenta Peel-offs or Dazzles!

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com

The first thing you do is coat your piece of glass with a thin layer of MPDM- just a dot will do. Spread it around with your finger. Cut some small bits of cello to fit on top.

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com


Tap the cellophane onto the tacky glass. Make sure it sticks without any bubbles. Use a pin to pop them or position the cellophane.  Let it dry.

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com


Then cut smaller bits- stripes or random shapes- and repeat the process. (Thin layers of MPDM work best and dry quickly.)

When you are satisfied, finish with a thicker coat of MPDM for a glossy, glass-like finish!


Remember that it goes on cloudy, but dries crystal-clear!  And when it does, you’ll see all of those amazing, reflective layers!

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com


This one only has 3 layers- and you can still see the texture of the cellophane wrap through the finish. I *love* the dimensionality!

(Yeah, I know dimensionality is a made-up word. But I like it.)

To finish off your pendants, you can wire wrap them or just glue on a fold-over or ankara-style bail and add your favorite chain or cording!

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com

Glue-on fold-over bail.

I gotta tell you, these are really fun and kind of addicting to make. It’s easy to work in a series and make a set of 4 or 5 at a time.

Faux Dichroic Glass Pendant Tutorial from CraftTestDummies.com

Plus you are saving trash from going into a landfill! I have a whole box of shiny bits just waiting to be used up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or comments on this project- drop me a line! ; )



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  1. Pat M says

    Spent a small fortune making dichroic glass pendants, loved it, but some glass slipped in firing leading to disappointment. These look wild! Can’t wait to share them at the RV Park! Cheap and beautiful.

  2. Diana Ramsey says

    Did anyone ever tell you that you are a genius??
    I have quite a few pieces of sea glass, iridescent cellophane, gold leaf, Glossy Accents and other odds and ends that would look lovely in this project.

  3. Patricia says

    I really like this idea as something to do with my life skills kids at school.
    However, I can’t seem to find a cheap source of the sea glass that you are referring to.
    Our dollar stores and Michaels only seem to have those glass round gems.
    This email is from Canada – any thoughts?

  4. Laurie Hunt says

    I love this idea and almost missed it! But I was saved when I saw it on the CraftGossip Newsletter. I can’t wait to give it a try and maybe I will have some fantastic inexpensive gifts!

  5. Stephanie T. says

    These are amazing! The perfect thing to teach the students from Teri. i volunteer at Charity Wings Art Center in San Marcos, CA and we give classes free of charge to the recipients of charitable organizations. I will soon begin a series of classes for students from Teri, an organizations that fills the days with interesting and educational activities for disabled and developmentally delayed adults. May I have your permission to use your instructions for this purpose?

  6. says

    Stephanie- first of all, thank you for asking! Since you are NOT charging for the classes (and not making pieces to sell) you absolutely my use this technique at the Charity Wings with my blessing. Did you know that at one time I was an activities director at a home for developmentally disabled men? : )

  7. Dianne says

    Just saw your instructions for the faux-dichroic glass pendants…and just have to tell you how beautiful your pieces are! I am a newbie at jewelry-making, and have been looking for elegant, yet easy, pieces to make……and this is just perfect! You are obviously a truly talented person, and I thank you for sharing this project with us!

  8. Ninfa DePalma says

    Thank you for the tutu!!! I was just at a Christmas fair and a vendor was selling all sorts of jewelery made of Dichroic glass, I loved it but they were too expensive for my budget. Now I will be able to make my favorite pieces with the real sea glass that I snagged at a Thrift Shop for 50 cents for a shoe box filled with it they had 2 boxes and I purchased both of them for my crafting stash! Once more Thank you you may of just helped conceive the birth of a new crafting line for me!!!

  9. says

    That’s so cute! What a great idea. I’ve been wanting to find a project like this to make with my niece, she would love it. She’s all about pretty rocks, and I’m sure she would be really excited to make some of her own that she can wear. I love dichroic glass and similar stuff. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Ina Fishman says

    I love dichroic glass, cannot buy or make it. I am looking forward to making these designs to which you have introduced me.

  11. Kellie says

    This is amazing! I love dichroic glass, but I hate the price tag. I’ll be making my own faux pieces very soon!


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